Michael Mondesir Scholarship 2017

PRESS RELEASE:-Samarian Scholarship Fund, awards The Michael Mondesir Scholarships for the Academic Year 2017-2018

The National Community Foundation in collaboration with the founders of the Samarian Scholarship Fund is once again awarding The Michael Mondesir Scholarships to students who excelled at the recent Common Entrance exams and gained entrance to the St. Mary’s.

On Friday September 1st, 2017 representatives of the SSF Fund will present scholarships valued at $1000.00 to students who recently succeeded in the 2017 Common Entrance Examination and existing students who are current holders of the Michael Mondesir Scholarship from the year 2016, currently attending the Saint Mary’s College.

The ceremony will take place at the NCF Conference room on High street in the Godfrey James Building at 11:00am.

The Samarian Scholarship Fund (SSF) was launched on 2nd September 2016 as an initiative of the 1992 graduating class of Saint Mary’s College. The fund is aimed at providing financial assistance to Saint Mary’s College students with verified financial need, who have excelled in academics and are active volunteers in student or civic organizations. The fund is committed to ensuring that qualifying students are not deprived of the full benefit of an education as a result of limited financial resources.

All past students of the Saint Mary’s College and the public in general are encouraged to donate to the Samarian Scholarship Fund account# 660003377at the Bank of St. Lucia.

The National Community Foundation (NCF) is a philanthropic, nonprofit, community based, non-governmental organization that functions primarily as a grant making institution. The NCF was established in August 2002 and supports initiatives that engender self-development and social upliftment through the provision of assistance to emerging individual and community needs in education, health, social services, art and culture, community development, environment and civic affairs.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 29, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    In a blink of an 👀 1000.00 is done so do t be to proud of you’ll self.dollar for dollar.but thanks