Venezuela has five robotic centers to distribute medicines

AVN:-Five robotic storage facilities operating in Venezuela make it possible to speed up the distribution of medicines to all regions of the country, which is part of the efforts of the national government to ensure the right to free and public health, Venezuela’s Health Minister Luis Lopez said.

In fact, to bring the medicines needed for 241 hospitals across the country, the Bolivarian government launched last Friday a plan, that includes to distribute 94 million units of supplies, medicines and medical-surgical material.

During an activity led by President Nicolas Maduro, the minister said that this plan was born “to strengthen the surgical plans and maintain the hospital-level public health system.”

During his speech, the president also urged to activate the plan 0800 SALUD YA (0800 HEALTH) for people to have direct access to medicines.

“The time has come, in this last quarter, to activate the 0800 SALUD YA with the Homeland Card so no one lacks essential medicines. This will save us 90% of expenses and it will be more effective to take medicine Venezuelan homes with 100% Barrio Adentro policy and medical clap,” he said.

The Homeland Card, applied by almost 16 million Venezuelans, has been a fundamental tool to detect the needs of the people and to strengthen the reach of social policies, especially in health care.

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  1. no
    August 31, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Simply LIES and PROPAGANDA and it is a shame that SLTIMES propagtes this information. There are no meds in Venuzuela left, Maduro lets his people die.