High court trial for alleged baby killer

Guyana Chronicle:-A 21-YEAR-OLD former soldier of the Guyana Defence Force was on Thursday committed to stand trial at the High Court for the alleged murder of an eight-month old boy- Romain Seth, back in January this year.

Nigel Dodson, of Fourth Field, Kaneville, is on remand for the murder of Seth, who was burnt to death, after fire was set to his parent’s home at Fourth Field, Kaneville, East Bank Demerara January 23, 2017. The Preliminary Inquiry concluded before City Magistrate Judy Latchman, who ruled that there is enough evidence for Dodson to face a judge and jury.

According in reports, on the day in question the blaze started around 02:30hrs after the neighbour and his friends threw “fire balls” into the house in which the infant and his family were sleeping. According to information, the neighbour reportedly accused the toddler’s grandmother of ‘snitching’ on him and his gang to the police, which resulted in lawmen raiding the neighbourhood frequently for guns and drugs.

The baby’s grandmother, Michelle Menezes believes that the fire was indeed as a result of a report she made to the police after finding a gun stashed in a tree in her backyard, allegedly by the youth. The suspect along with other villagers used her yard as a short cut to get to another street. Menezes said that after she reported the matter, the police started raiding the place and eventually she started getting threats from the young man and his gang.

Meanwhile, the Police had issued a wanted bulletin for two other men for questioning in connection with the fire. Keon Ashby and Waynie (only name given) both of Kaneville and were reportedly part of the gang that set the house on fire by hurling an explosive device through a window.