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An alleged serial rapist is on the loose, luring females with promises of hotel employment, well placed sources have informed St Lucia Times.

Law enforcement officials are on the hunt for the man who has been described as fair skinned, sporting multiple tattoos and being in his thirties.

According to St Lucia Times sources, the man apparently calls telephone numbers randomly and once a female answers, claims to represent any one of several hotels on the Island and makes a job offer.

He is said to have a female accomplice who also makes calls on his behalf.

According to the sources, once there is interest, the potential victim is invited to meet him, sometimes at a guest house, after which he takes them elsewhere and forces himself on them.

“He introduces himself as ‘Junior’, a hotel Supervisor, and it says something about the females he has been able to fool – that they are desperate for employment. If you know you did not apply for a job, why go for an interview?” One source asserted.

It has been reported that most of the women who have been raped have refused to come forward out of shame, but others have been speaking up.

The alleged rapist is reportedly well known to the police.

He is said to have been shot some time ago by lawmen in a separate incident some time ago.

The man’s latest alleged rape occurred this week at a remote area in Soufriere after he is reported to have promised a woman a job as a cook and cleaner at a well known resort in the North of the Island.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the woman was picked up and driven to a house where she was violated but later managed to escape, despite being threatened with physical violence.






    • Why? I hate a rapist, I have a fifteen year old daughter….and all ours out there is mine also.Not caring for her a lone, get this monster off the streets now!! Its when our baby’s get hurt, were left to just watch them cryyy!! Enough is enough who is with me? One bag of talk, mothers out there we have to take a very big stand for our daughters…. We brought them in this world to love and cherish and not to be violated by these monters I thank you!!!

  1. And so, Kenny Anthony is vindicated when he said that there was a probability of serial rapists perpetrating against women. UWP had issues with his statement. What say y’all now?

  2. Are you serious, people fall for this, and the assailant is well known to police, so where is he? Any police out looking for him? We live on a small island, it cant be that hard. And a woman is helping him, if true, that is sick.

  3. Okaay if he is well known to police. Why. Isn’t a photo of him out? Or his real name? And y’all say uall want to protect the women of this country ???? How??? .. is it because he is allegedly accused??????? Ridiculous if you ask me..

    • yes nowadays its all about keeping the criminals happy, doesn’t matter about the rest of us. If the police cant give names give a better description, where is he from, tattoos, what type of tattoos/design??

    • The media can never publish his picture. Kenny Anthony guaranteed that the identity of accused rapists could never be unrevealed unless they are first convicted just to protect the sexual predators in his midst. Shame Shame Shame

  4. So let me get this straight. A man calls me for a job i never applied to, indicates he represents a hotel somewhere but asks to meet me at a guesthouse and i will agree. Let’s just say he represents Sandals …. why not invite me to Sandals for the interview and why after meeting at the guesthouse we have to go to another location. It’s one thing to be desperate for a job but it’s another thing to just be plain stupid. Too many ridiculous parts for anything he’s saying to be valid.

  5. Let’s say for coincidence sake persons he may have called would have sent an application to one of the resort/hotel he claimed to be representing, wouldn’t it be odd that he is asking to meet you at a guesthouse instead of the said hotel he claims to be representing?? Be careful ladies…. I know many are desperate because of the current economic situation but still remain vigilant!!. I pray they find this sick person!!

    • I would not call them stupid.. they are desperate.. It is hard for some people and being so desperate they don’t think. Being unemployed with kids to feed can lead you to jump a barrel for money

  6. I hate to say this …victims need to seek appropriate medical care immediately for the appropriate prophylaxis. For only God knows how many diseases that sick bastard may be carrying (HIV, Herpes) etc. etc.. Oh God send help in a quick hurry.

  7. A few years ago he was shot in the groin by the police. He sustained severe injury to his penis, at the joy of many of his victims. Unfortunately, one of our very skilled doctors repaired him. Too good a job I suppose for he has continued his assault against our desperate job seeking females.

  8. So a young woman allegedly blackmails a minister and her identity is made public. A serial rapist is well known to police and his identity is kept secret? This place has gone to (Word deleted).

  9. Some people can be so political….its so…..its sickening…..I hope url bowel movements are also the colour of your’ll party……u hv to be sick to completely disregard the issue at hand and bring in politics!……. smh!

  10. i mad like putting a girl voice when i role dere i have a set of goons watiing buss his ass and bring him for the cops

  11. The Crow Kenny said that but on a political platform. Disrespectful and politicking. That should have come from the Commissioner not from a politician. Well what happened? The police never supported his claim. Worst no arrest was made or conviction secured. Was there any evidence? Cheap politics.

  12. this bastard was playing the odds. Wasn’t it not that long ago that “the Royalton”, put out word that it was near opening and seeking to fill it’s staffing positions? You can bet that there were many hundreds if not thousands of applicants. After probably phoning many this rotten SOB eventually would stumble upon women that did actually apply. Doesn’t mean that the women should be allowed to be so trusting and gullible. Catch this bastard and las punishment et the women he rapped, try to shove a cactus up his arse-hole.


  14. I guess after having the operation he is not satisfied with the results so he goes around raping women. Next time officers just shoot it off. Pervert

  15. Yes we want him apprehended ASAP!! Can someone please tell me what will come out of it? Our legal system is just too lacking and has failed too many persons. In a few months this guy will be out there with another scam and the same process starts all over, until nothing comes out of all this mess. Poor us! That’s why I always feel great satisfaction when our people take matters into their own hands.

  16. I can’t understand why the police force do not show these monsters face that are raping women. I would let the public make love to him. I would castrate his ads.

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