ECCU convenes growth dialogue

The Eastern Caribbean Currency Union is Finalizing an Action Plan for Economic Growth of its Members.

A dialogue on the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) Growth Action Plan was held on Tuesday, Sep. 5 in Saint Lucia.

Tuesday’s meeting was a follow-up to the Growth Dialogue held in March which sought to solidify the ECCU Growth Action Plan by agreeing on key regional action points to solve growth challenges and to promote further economic growth, competitiveness and employment in the ECCU.

Minister in the Ministry of Finance in the Office of the Prime Minister, Sen. Hon. Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, applauded the partners of the dialogue for having, what he termed, a timely discussion on economic growth and employment.

“Saint Lucia, and by extension, the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, is at a critical juncture in its history, particularly on the heels of the economic difficulties of the recent past and a future filled with uncertainty, occasioned by, among other things, derisking; and more frequent and extreme weather events; and geopolitical events such as Brexit,” he said.

Daniel Arthurton represented the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank at the opening ceremony of the dialogue.

“We are of the firm belief that the components and deliverables must translate to broad base improvements to the general living standards that touch all citizens rather than a fortunate few. And this, I lift this quote from the World Economic Forum Inaugural Inclusive and Development Report of 2015.”

The March forum was held under the theme “Working together to achieve higher and more inclusive growth in the ECCU.” It was convened to address the economic decline in the Eastern Caribbean over the past two decades.

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