Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly Elevates Role of Youth in Building Peace

TELESUR:-The National Constituent Assembly passed a decree to support the participation of young people in building peace in Venezuela, one of the main issues the legislative body vowed to address.

The decree also states the importance of youth in overcoming the economic war in the country and moving away from an oil-based economic model. Constituent Elimar Malave, Vice President of the ANC Youth Commission, read the document approved by the body.

The ANC called on young people to participate widely in the “promotion of peace, public tranquility and the meeting between all Venezuelans.”

“We call on contributions with a youth approach, all proposals to overcome the Venezuelan oil-based model and promote the productive culture in the academic, economic, sports, recreational and cultural artistic spaces,” the text approved unanimously by the ANC said.

The decree also urges organizations of student and youth, sports, culture, religious and all others, to work to defeat “opposition violence and promote a great national debate” to write the segment of the modified constitution regarding the country’s young people.

“The Venezuelan youth who are listening to us, will count on us as a guarantee for the future,” Malave said.

Venezuela’s ANC has begun discussions on its youth wing, where the proposals of young people will be compiled for the new constitution.

The talks began with the scheduling of debates to take place in universities and communities throughout the country during September.

President Nicolas Maduro announced in July that approximately 198,000 Venezuelans have joined the Chamba Juvenil plan, intended to enroll Venezuela’s youth in productive education and employment.

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    September 8, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    shame again for publishing such propaganda. not sure if you do this on purpose, still im disgusted. this man has blood on his hand, he lets die and starve to death his citizen, and stluciatimes posts his propaganda. this site is not serious

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