‘There are no rules’: Desperate tourists tweet out of St Maarten as looters with ‘guns & machetes’ raid hotel rooms & stores

Daily Mail: Worrying reports of erupting violence have emerged from St Maarten, the southern half of the Caribbean Island it shares with St Martin, in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Several stranded persons on the island complain of looters raiding hotel rooms and homes after the passage of hurricane Irma.

According to one report, US and British tourists who are currently stranded.

On Friday, troops were sent to the island to assist with these issues.

Massimiliano Napoliello, the manager of a bar in Maho Beach, issued a desperate plea for help on Facebook:

‘They are completely isolated and there are CRIMINALS carrying GUNS AND KNIVES SHOOTING and looting all over!! NOTHING IS WORKING, THERE ARE NO RULES, THERE IS NO LAW AND NO PROTECTION RIGHT NOW!!

A member of staff at the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina reported via Twitter that looters raided unoccupied rooms to steal televisions.

A small minority of islanders were looting our unoccupied rooms until the Dutch military arrived. Not essentials – taking TV’s,’ he said.

Reports are that US citizens are being moved to Puerto Rico.


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