Digicel Kickstarts Restoration Efforts in Virgin Gorda

PRESS RELEASE:-Kingston, Jamaica – Wednesday, September 13, 2017: Digicel and Government officials from the British Virgin Islands travelled to Virgin Gorda on Monday to kickstart restoration efforts and conduct a thorough assessment of the damage from Category Five superstorm Irma, which ravaged the group of islands just a few days earlier. The team consisted of Kevin Gordon, CEO of Digicel BVI, along with Governor Augustus Jaspert and Premier, the Hon. D. Orlando Smith.

With communications central to rebuilding the islands, the Digicel team has since been working around the clock, with several sites already back up and running. “The technical teams continue to work very hard to ensure that communication services are fully restored as soon as possible,” said Vanessa Slowey, CEO of Digicel for the Caribbean and Central America. “Connectivity in Virgin Gorda is also expected to be fully restored by the end of the week, as a team of over 30 Digicel technicians have been deployed across the most severely hit parts of the islands,” she added.

As part of its recovery efforts, Digicel also recently dispatched a 210-ft. barge loaded with critical items such as network equipment, basic food, household items and first aid kits from Trinidad and Tobago. This is expected to arrive in the BVI before the end of this week.


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    September 14, 2017 at 9:40 am

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