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Newly appointed government Senator, Timothy Mangal, has told reporters here that serving his country is his first priority.

The former Castries South East candidate for the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) switched allegiance to the United Workers Party (UWP) prior to the last general elections which the UWP won by a margin of 11-6.

“I have always said that I remain available to serve my country – I did not join the UWP for the purpose of service, but if the UWP government asked me to serve my country, this is my first and foremost priority,” the former SLP supporter explained.

He asserted that Saint Lucia is a democratic society that allows for freedom of choice and association.

“I also believe that we have the option of being able to disagree and it is clearly that option. I believe what I did was not in my interest, but  in the best interest of the country,” the newly appointed Senator asserted.

He told reporters that the record of the SLP government in office speaks for itself by virtue of the UWP’s ‘unanimous election and support’ by the people of this country at the polls.

According to Mangal, the UWP election win was evidence that the people were disappointed.

He said affiliating himself with the UWP was and still is the best decision made in the best interests of this country.

Mangal replaces Jimmy Henry who resigned in July this year after reports that he was stopped and searched at the George  F.L Charles Airport.

Henry announced his resignation as a Senator and a Government Minister in a carefully crafted 1:26 minute video posted on social media on July 12, 2017.

He attributed his decision to “personal’ issues which he said were taking attention away from his  duties as then Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture.

Former government minister, Richard Frederick, had alleged on his television talk show that Henry was stopped at George F.L Charles Airport and questioned about an undisclosed sum of money in his possession


  1. How much was richard fredrick stopped with that caused him to be ineligible to visit any US and europian union territory again?

    • Why can’t you tell St Lucians since you know so much! This Mangal is one who needs to be watched. He must be closely watched…….opportunists like him! (Word deleted)

    • he has been made a Senator not a minister and he shouldn’t have those two positions at the same time but with how the country is being runned nowadays who knows

  2. First, your allegiance was to SLP, then you switched to UWP, and now you’re with country? Dude, you lost your credibility a long time ago, so yes, we believe you lol..

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