Guard arrested after shooting thief with unlicensed gun

Trinidad Express:-A suspected thief was shot by a security guard during an attempted robbery at a supermarket in San Fernando on Wednesday.

The 23 year old suspect sustained a gunshot wound to the neck and is warded at hospital under police guard.

However, the security officer was detained as police discovered that he did not have a Firearm Users’ Licence.

The incident occurred at around 5.20 p.m. when a man dressed in a white gown and with a bandana over his face entered Flourishing Supermarket at Cipero Road, Retrench and held up the cashier.

The cash register was robbed of $1,336.

Police said the security officer who was armed with a handgun fired three shots at the suspect.

The suspect collapsed and officers of the Ste Madeline Police Station were contacted.

PCs Lee Lum and other officers responded and took the suspect to the San Fernando General Hospital.

Also responding were ASP Ali, Insps Gajadhar and Williams, Sgts Sankar and Ramlogan.

Police recovered a Smith and Wesson revolver containing three rounds of .38 ammunition, and two spent shells, from the scene.

The 23 year old security guard was taken to the police Station and was expected to be interviewed regarding charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition.