Shoplifter said he was destined to steal

Jamaica Observer:-There was laughter in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week after a man, who bolted from a supermarket with goods he had stolen, told the judge that he did it because it was “meant to be”.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jason Edwards had run off with nine packs of Ramen Noodle soup, a Protex soap, a big pack of LASCO Food Drink and 12 small LASCO Food Drinks.

The court heard that Edwards, who was wearing a knapsack, went to the Cross roads branch of Hi-Lo Supermarket and picked up a trolley.

He was spotted by a security guard putting goods into the trolley but a short while after the security guard lost sight of him. The guard went looking for him and saw him in a back room in the supermarket putting items into his knapsack.

After he was finished, Edwards went to the entrance door, but the security guard called out to him and told him to use the exit door. However, Edwards ran, was chased and held and the goods were recovered.

He was subsequently charged with simple larceny.

On Friday when the case was mentioned before Senior Parish Judge Chester Crooks, a dapperly dressed Edwards, who was attired in a black blazer, coral shirt and blue jeans, pleaded guilty to the charge.

The judge asked him,“Why did you do it?”

“I had to,” Edwards replied.

The judge repeated the question to which Edwards answered, “I did it because it was meant to be,” eliciting laughter from people inside the courtroom.

The judge, who appeared puzzled, then said to Edwards, “I ask why you did it and you are saying because it was meant to be, is that really what you are saying?”

Edwards replied: “I told you already. I did because it was meant to be, I really had to do it.”

The comment triggered more laughter.

“I just did what I had to do and because of economical deprivation I had to move the goods,” he said before rambling on with a string of big words.

The judge, on realising that Edwards was behaving strangely, remanded him for psychiatric evaluation.

But Edwards told the judge that he should just sentence him.

“I deserve six months for I have pleaded guilty and the bail bond say that what I should serve, as I could not pay the $10,000 for my crime,” he said before he was taken from the court.

He is to return on October 27.