Young Saint Lucian Entrepreneur Now Aims to Take Caribbean Based Skills and Services to the World

PRESS RELEASE:-CASTRIES, SAINT LUCIA, September 18, 2017:  No one can deny that the Caribbean is one of the best places to live or visit in the world. With its breathtaking views, exciting nightlife and vibrant people, the Caribbean has a lot to offer locals and visitors alike. It is also home to a large number of small businesses which aim to assist these locals and tourists.

For many years, unemployment has been on the rise and poverty has plagued many of our people. Some have decided to create their own businesses as a way of breaking free from unemployment and bettering their lives and the lives of those around them. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for them is finding ways to make themselves known to those in search/need of their services.

This website solves the issue of potential customers not being able to find the skills and services they need in certain parts of the Caribbean. It allows both locals and visitors to easily search through the wide variety of skills and services featured on the website for FREE to find the right business/individual that can assist them in a specific country or the wider Caribbean. It also assists local businesses by allowing them to show these potential customers exactly how they can assist them.

While other regional websites focus on different industries, countries or have other aspects added into their website, this one focuses on all types of businesses and countries across the Caribbean and nothing more. This is beneficial to business owners because all visitors would be persons in need of a service rather than some other aspect of the website resulting in a higher chance of conversion from visitors into new customers.

The young entrepreneur Nathan Jules, keeps taking new steps towards his goal of aiding businesses throughout the Caribbean. The website allows members to claim their business listing for free, view how many times their page is visited and run ads to get ahead of the competition.

Interested persons can visit: to get started. to see what other small businesses are on the website.

Due to the damage caused by the recent hurricanes, their 30 day FREE trial will be extended to the middle of October to give more people a chance to join for free before the window closes. With the help of live chat, visitors with questions can get immediate help regarding sign up or other features of the website.

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