Image of NFL player burning US flag fake

The Independent:-An image of an NFL player burning the American flag in a locker room has gone viral despite being completely fake.

The doctored photograph, which has been shared thousands of times on social media, shows Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett fervently burning the flag.

His teammates and head coach Pete Carroll can be seen enthusiastically cheering him on in the background.

While most of the scene in the image is real, the flame has been superimposed on the original photo which was shared from the American football team’s official Twitter account in January 2016.

(Original photo)

Conservative social media accounts shared the Photoshopped image and used it to accuse the athletes of disrespect and argue they should be sacked.

“Look at the elation on their faces. Does it look like the Seahawks care about America or what that flag represents?” asked one on Twitter.

“You may be a bad man on the football field but burning the flag that I shed my blood to honour would be just cause to whack you upside your ignorant head,” said another.

Nevertheless, even some of those who were against the NFL were able to discern that the image was fake, noting that sprinklers would be going off it had been real.