New book dedicated to Msgr. Patrick Anthony

GIS:-The Commemorative Book Includes Essays Written by Cultural Proponents Over Many Years.

The Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) has complied a publication dedicated to the life and times of Msgr. Patrick Anthony after whom the FRC was recently renamed in honour of his 70th birthday. The book commemorates the life of this avid proponent of Saint Lucian culture.

Saint Lucian poet, John Robert Lee, is co-editor of the publication.

“This publication is called The Road to Mount Pleasant—Selected Essays on Saint Lucian Culture in honour of Msgn. Patrick Anthony on his 70th birthday,” Mr. Lee said. “The book is edited and compiled by myself and Mr. Embert Charles who was the first Executive Director of the FRC. We thought on Paba’s 70th birthday that we should produce a commemorative book which includes essays written over many years (FRC is 40 plus years), on various aspects of Saint Lucian culture. Anybody interested in Saint Lucia will find something of interest in there.”

The book contains articles by notable Saint Lucians.

“People like Her Excellency the Governor General has contributed, the late Harold Simmons after whom the Harold Simmons Folk Academy was named, Patrick Anthony himself, Lindy-Ann Alexander, Embert Charles, Dr. Anthia Octave, Vladimir Lucien, and Kennedy ‘Boots’ Samuel has contributed to this. I think we can make this an important textbook or hand book or reference for Saint Lucian culture.”

The Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre is being assisted in this venture by the Government of Saint Lucia, which has contributed $5000, and telecommunications company FLOW.

FLOW’s Communications Specialist Terry Finistierre said: “Over the years we have used our offices, particularly the service directory cover to recognize some of the icons of Saint Lucian culture: HE Dame Pearlette Louisy, Theresa Hall, Sesenne Descartes, Sir Dunstan St. Omer, and Sir Derek Walcott. A number of icons of Saint Lucian culture, music, and heritage have been represented on that directory cover and we have worked to ensure that we assist and support the preservation of Saint Lucian culture. So when this opportunity to assist the FRC came to us we grabbed it with open arms. I think every Saint Lucian knows who Patrick Anthony is, so we are really pleased once again at FLOW to be given this opportunity to partner with the Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre and to honour the life of Patrick Anthony.”

The Road to Mount Pleasant – Selected Essays on Saint Lucian Culture is expected to be available to the public next month.