Venezuela to launch third satellite October 9

AVN:-Venezuela will launch on October 9, its third satellite, a high-tech instrument consolidated by the Bolivarian government thanks to its agreements with the People’s Republic of China, that will facilitate the development of scientific tasks such as surveying and mapping, soil analyses and prevention of seismic movements.

The new Antonio Jose de Sucre satellite “will be sovereign, independent, and so we will go to the fourth, fifth, sixth satellite and the development of the highest technology in Venezuela,” said President Nicolas Maduro, in his TV show “Sundays with Maduro.”

Venezuela has so far two unique satellites, named Simon Bolivar, launched on October 29, 2008, and Francisco de Miranda, on September 28, 2012.

When the Simon Bolivar satellite was launched nine years ago, “the right went out mocking of it, and right now we can broadcast this program thanks to that satellite, we have Internet signal thanks to that satellite, and little by little we are building a generation of engineers and scientists for aerospace tasks, we have the Bolivarian Aerospace Agency located in Guarico state, and we have all the conditions to handle the latest technology,” he said.

The new satellite will have high definition and other infrared cameras. “Venezuela is moving forward. We are being beaten, yes, but we are moving forward with work, government and defense of the country,” Maduro added.

The President took the opportunity to congratulate the Chinese people on the 68th anniversary of their declaration as the People’s Republic. “We, Venezuela and China, are two sister nations: she as a world power and us as a future power in Latin America. Our love and our gratitude for the support she gives us every day in all fields of development and social life”.