The Garth Concert successfully staged

GIS:-The Production Pooled the Creative Talents of Artistes of Varied Backgrounds to Interpret the Literary Work of Garth St. Omer.

In a production marked by intrigue and quiet beauty, the third instalment of the Cultural Icon Series was staged at the National Cultural Centre on Oct. 2.

The inspirational project, the aim of which is to pay tribute to the artistes who created a large part of the Saint Lucian identity, commenced in 2015 with tribute to Saint Lucia’s foremost composer, Hon. Charles Cadet. The project continued in 2016 with the celebration of dance icon, Virginia Alexander.

This year, the near two-hour production combined the creative talents of a number of artistes of varied backgrounds to interpret the literary work of Garth St. Omer. They performed to a small but appreciative audience.

Four-member band Protégé, Piper and Friends (including former Director of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Band, Gregory Piper on clarinet), Ronald “Boo” Hinkson, Barbara Cadet, Luther Francois, Dianna Philip, and Arthur Allain presented the work of Garth St. Omer on stage in superb splendour as their musical expositions reverberated throughout the auditorium.

“Exile, Love and Return to Country,” an interpretive dance inspired by St. Omer’s “Nor Any Country” was performed by Roxanne Didier-Nicholas, Sadia Chandler, Ian Celestine, Natanni St. Omer, and Leroyson Alexander, mirroring Garth’s work in an exploration of themes that speak directly to the Saint Lucian society while at the same time reaching out to a global audience.

In a mesmerizing performance, the visiting duo Sade Bully (New York) and Momo Sanno (Romania) seemed to effortlessly weave conflict, independence, anguish, imprisonment and freedom into a phenomenal web of masterful choreography, inspired by the iconic writer’s prose. The evening would have been incomplete without the soothing “floetry” of performance poet, Felicia Montoute, with her inspired “Room on a Hill” presentation.

The 2017 tribute to the legendary Garth St. Omer, is being described by CDF officials as a success despite the low turnout.

The Cultural Development Foundation remains grateful to Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, patron of the event; the Saint Lucia Events Company Inc.; Producer and Technical Director, Adrian Augier; the stage management, production management, lighting, sound, audio visual and digital imaging crews, as well as ALLBiz, Wavemaker Photography and platinum sponsor FLOW for their support in ensuring that the third annual Cultural Icon Series was staged with a favourable outcome.