Catherine Sealys concerned about violence against girls

Catherine Sealys, the President of Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc, has expressed concern about violence against girls in this country, as  countries around the globe observe October 11, 2017 as ‘International Day of the Girl.’

The day aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

“We are concerned about security, the well being of girls in this country,” Catherine Sealys noted.

She observed that Saint Lucia has recorded a number of cases of rape and sexual assault.

The Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc President recalled that two girls who were arrested and charged after being ‘basically assaulted over social media by a senior policy maker within the government of Saint Lucia.’

She stated that the two have very serious charges hanging over them.

“We believe and stand by our assertion that this was a major injustice against girls in this country,” Sealys stated.

Catherine Sealys said she was surprised and disappointed that despite the number of social agencies and government institutions in Saint Lucia, no activities were held to observe ‘Day of the Girl’.

“The girls of today are going to be the women of tomorrow – they are going to be  the mothers, they are going to be the nurturers, they are going to be the employers, the leaders of tomorrow, and I am disappointed that nothing was done today to recognise girls,” the Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc President declared.

She spoke of the need for the authorities to not only recognise ‘Day of the Girl’ but to continue public education on the challenges faced by girls especially in relation to violence.

She warned that if girls are not nurtured and protected in the proper way, Saint Lucia will have to confront a number of social issues that will affect all the economic progress the country hopes to make.

“It is going to affect the tourism industry that we speak so highly and are so protective of and we need to do what is necessary for girls so that our society can grow,”Sealys asserted.




  1. Anonymous
    October 11, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    Of all the cases of crimes against girls, that is the one you choose to mention the 2 legal adults, under the heading violence against girls?
    What about the 10 year who was impregnated?
    If you want to talk about violence against girls please do not use the example of the two girls (legal adults) as you are drowning out the voices of helpless victims.
    You have cheapen your message.

    1. sigh
      October 12, 2017 at 2:33 pm

      Agreed. This woman does have a useful purpose purpose in society, but it is unfortunate that she is blinded by color.

  2. Justice
    October 11, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    Catherine people are tired of this day of this and day of that. They have little meaning or impact as highlighting an issue for a day out of 365 days is a serious joke. Further there is a lot of insincerity involved.

    out of the hundreds of injustices perpetuated against women and girls name me one that has been successfully championed. You guys keep running from issue to issue or victim to victim without closure.

    I remember attending some years ago a publicized march in support of women which culminated at the Derek Walcott Square. Sadly there was not fifty person and women were visibly absent.

  3. Sylvanus
    October 11, 2017 at 10:50 pm

    To the previous comment, I think your opinion is valid but we should lool at the bigger picture. It shouldn’t be titled “Violence” it should be entitled “Crime Against Women”. I also believe that after a certain point in time that tolerance should be very little to none and these perpetrators should be given the MAXIMUM penalty available. I understand human rights is a definite consideration but I beg to differ when you have now VIOLATED someone else’s Human Rights. By violating a baby girl, toddler, girl or woman you have now indirectly violated the respect that you would want shown to ANY woman in your own family. I also believe Im not certain how possible this is but the Police force can increase patrols in known or suspected areas. Carry out operations to even lure these perverts and sick minded individuals to their own demise. It’s high time that we begin to explore various strategies all round because whatever it is we are doing from security to morality to basic principles of respect in schools and else where…. We may just be missing something that “could” be contributing to this type of behavior….

  4. Sabina Leonce
    October 12, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Hopefully there will be an International Boys Day before the end of 2017. It aches me how much we have marginalized the boys and men in our society. Whereas I by no means condone their behaviour, I tend to believe that there is a cause which leads to the problem. Let us start designing school curricula and activities that are designed to capture every student (no child left behind). Let’s stop using the Sab to host activities and keeping our young people especially boys to become idle. Where are the religious institutions? What are they doing? I don’t see them going out into the communities trying to bring young men who have gone astray back on track or even capturing those who have not gone astray and help keep them grounded. They are all concerned about money (10%) that is. Where are the policies coming from our political leaders to assist young men in this country. It saddens me when I see so many programmes aimed at young women only. There has to be a balance otherwise our current situation will not change. Stop allowing agencies such as CDB and UNICEF to dictate how we run out country simply because they give us a few dollars in grant funding by stating that there must be a certain number of women employed. Again there has to be a balance. They must stop treating us like Africa? Our region is different for it is our men who are marginalized and not our women! Parents what are you doing? We live in a society that has moved away from God. Believe it or not all he teaches us is love. Love for one another and if we only kept to this we wouldn’t be in such a bad situation. We send our kids to church but we stay at home. What is this? We say do as I say but not as I do. Oh please that applied 30 years or so ago not any more. Fathers are busy running women and are not at home to be role-models to their sons and to teach their young girls good qualities to look for in men. Mothers when we are angry we curse and physically abuse our children. This can’t be good. We are only teaching our children to be violent when they get angry. No wonder society is that way! Oh Lord put a hand! Boys Rise!! Men Rise!! Yes You Can!!! Let’s do it together for our country, for the world and most importantly for yourselves!!