Geest Line facilitates shipping of hurricane relief supplies

GIS: The Fortnightly Service to Dominica has been Increased to A Weekly One. Supplies will be Shipped Every Monday.

NEMO Director Velda Joseph, recently provided an update on NEMO’s relief efforts.

The Director made a point to specially thank the public for assisting and contributing toward Dominica’s hurricane relief efforts. She also encouraged continued assistance, especially in the area of building supplies.

Mrs. Joseph further informed that Return to Happiness (RTH) facilitators have been deployed to Dominica to assist with counselling children who have had to deal with the traumatic experience of the hurricane. The deployment was based on a request from the UNICEF.

Geest Shipping Line, through its local agent, M&C, has come to the rescue of the National Emergency Management Organization. The Shipping Line has generously offered to provide an unlimited number of shipping containers and the free shipment of relief items to the Commonwealth of Dominica. To date, a total of eight containers have left Saint Lucia with the assistance of M&C Shipping.

Fabian Jagroop, Sales and Marketing Representative of M&C Shipping thanked his team for working outside regular hours to ensure that the containers left Saint Lucia. He also informed that the fortnightly service to Dominica has been increased to a weekly one, to facilitate the shipment of relief supplies into the island. This service would be made available by M&C as long as it is required.

Mr. Peter Dixon, Managing Director of Geest Shipping Line, UK, described the situation in Dominica as “a tragedy” and pledged the company’s support to the relief efforts for the island.

General Manager of M&C Shipping, Karen Lawrence, said Geest readily volunteered to support the free shipment of the supplies from Saint Lucia to Dominica. She also emphasized that the recovery of Dominica will be a long one and that support should not just be of the immediate kind.

Containers containing hurricane relief supplies will be shipped every Monday out of Saint Lucia until further notice.