Maduro evaluated eight goals with Governors of the Homeland

RNV: The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro detailed the topics covered in the first journey of the strategic planning workshop held with the governors of the Homeland.

“The first issue, that of public safety and peace quadrants (…) the second issue that of the public and infrastructure works that we are going to assume, and the Yutong transport system in order to recover all operators of Mission Transport, the third one, the public health issue , strengthening Barrio Adentro 100% (…) The fourth issue, the theme of the regionalization of the Carnet de la Patria (Homeland Card), the construction of the “Somos Venezuela” (We all are Venezuela) Movement, and all the strengthening of missions and major missions in each region.

“The fifth issue is the regional investment of resources and the approval of extraordinary resources for all Governorates and mayors of the country; the sixth issue that of the National Asphalt Plan. Tomorrow we will sign the agreement that we must meet to provide all the states with the asphalt they need. The seventh issue, that of the productive economy of the countryside … and the eighth issue, the strengthening of the CLAP, and I add to this the Christmas CLAP Plan, which will make the CLAP Plan with happiness”, he reported.

President Maduro announced that in the next few hours a meeting will be held with the High Political Command, with the objective of evaluating strategic issues of national interest.

He said that thanks to the National Constituent Assembly has consolidated the stability and peace of the country.

“The first stage of the revolution was opened from the constituent path … Which were the objectives?, to definitively remove the old oligarchy: Achieved. To regain the political independence of the country: Achieved. To endow the country with a new constitution and a new institutionality, Achieved. To start the process of building a new society more solidarity, advanced … A constituent path that allowed us in democracy to make a revolution that has been an example for the whole world”, he said.

He assured that the constituent power is the protective mantle of the institutional life and the Venezuelan society: “It is the super-power for any circumstance, any matter”, he emphasized.

He emphasized on the great victory of the Bolivarian Revolution in the regional elections of last October 15, where the patriot forces were adjudicated 18 Governors against 5 Governorates by the right wing.