The Feast of La Marguerite ends

GIS: The CDF is Encouraging more Groups to Participate.

The Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) has successfully staged the Magwit (Marguerite) Flower Festival.

The 2017 event culminated on Oct. 17 with a Gwan Fèt, and group presentations in the village of Laborie. The Magwit Flower Festival is one of two rival floral cultural festivals in Saint Lucia, and is celebrated on Oct. 17 annually, while La Woz (the Rose) Flower Festival is celebrated on Aug. 30.

This year’s Magwit Flower Festival comprised of three components, a Gwan Séance on Oct. 13, a school church service on Oct. 16, and the Gwan Fet on Oct. 17.

Medalise Breen, who is the CDF’s Business Development and Marketing Officer, said although there was an increase in the number of registered groups this year, there was room for improvement in the level of support and participation in the festival.

“In the past there has been about five or six groups so I suppose in a very small way that is an increase, but we would really like to see more Marguerite groups in the communities around Saint Lucia,” she said. “One of the things that was mentioned at the church service in Laborie is that there was a group in Soufriere, but over the years things have died down so much so that school children were the ones who represented the Soufriere community. It is sad that this group is no longer performing, but the children were very excited about participating, and it is heartwarming that the younger generation is embracing the culture, and are eager about continuing the tradition. We at the CDF are happy but we are wishing that other groups will spring up in the other communities in Saint Lucia.”

Governor General of Saint Lucia, Her Excellency Dame Pearlette Louisy, and Sen. Hon. Fortuna Belrose, Minister for Local Government and Culture, were among those who attended the Feast of La Marguerite.