website now live

CASTRIES, Saint Lucia, October 25, 2017; The Department of Creative Industries, Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) and the Eastern Caribbean Copyright Organisation (ECCO) placed their endorsement behind, a website established by the Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA) to promote Saint Lucian musicians in the global entertainment market. The portal was launch on Tuesday October 24th with a number of A’ Listers and entertainment promoters from Saint Lucia’s music sector in attendance. Key lead partners for this initiative were Saint Lucia Coalition of Services Industries (SLCSI) and the Saint Lucia Manufacturing Association.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Department of Creative Industries Dawn French commended TEPA for initiating a range of timely and targeted actions that are complementary to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries and strengthen the enabling environment “for creatives to finally have a chance at earning a living from their work.”

In her remarks TEPA’s CEO Jacqueline Emmanuel Flood said the site is designed to serve as a “content-rich one-stop shop for the very best of Saint Lucian music”. As such possession of professional marketing kits containing bios, photos, music samples and videos and membership with ECCO or a similar copyright organisation are among the eligibility requirements for inclusion on the site. Another non-negotiable condition for inclusion is the completion of the Business of Music online music course, which equips performers and practitioners for the business aspects of the industry.

The site launched with three artists namely Teddyson John, Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson and Sherwin ‘Dupes’ Brice, who were  selected in 2016 along with total twenty three (23) other companies and artistes in four sectors to be part of an EPA Market access consultancy geared towards Saint Lucian exporters.  TEPA’s expectation is that the site will in no time be “bursting at the seams with professionals looking to advance the Saint Lucia Music Brand and their own product to the international market, through festivals, films, collaborations and their own exportable original music”, Mrs. Flood said.

CDF Marketing Officer Jimmy Clavier lauded the site which he said builds on a 2016 campaign by CDF to identify and register creatives across the island and to identify their challenges and opportunities so as to develop programming geared towards advancing the Creative Industries.

“This website clearly addresses some market related challenges in that it uses the models of business and revenue generation as well as the artist promotion. As such, being part on this website makes you look pro. It shows that you’re taking your music career seriously. That in turn conveys capacity and reliability to promoters and people inclined to do business with you,” he concluded.

The unveiling was designed to be interactive, enabling the sector to give their feedback on the product, and discuss the eligibility criteria and opportunities available through TEPA and SLCSI to meet them. The sector’s feedback was generally favourable and participation indicating keen interest in the opportunity for both promotion through the site and certification in the business of music.

Speaking on behalf of ECCO, Director Claudia Edwards Lardner said the move to establish, and the features included reflects an understanding of the artists needs in a highly competitive market that responds only to innovation, differentiation, dynamism and  visibility “This is an opportunity for you to show your professionalism and demonstrate your relevance in a demanding market”, she continued, exhorting artists in attendance to continuously pursue knowledge to be able to negotiate the rapidly shifting trends “which can leave you behind.”

The establishment of was realised Under the EU funded Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Standby Facility.