Project Management Awards Ceremony

GIS: International Project Management Day will be Observed on Thursday, Nov. 2.

The National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) and Jean-Louis Training and Consultancy (JTC), have collaborated in a first of its kind Recognition and Awards Ceremony in acknowledgment of International Project Management Day.

International Project Management Day will be observed on Thursday, Nov. 2. Organizers hope to draw recognition to the event, to demonstrate appreciation and encourage project-based organizations worldwide who utilize project based methodologies.

Mandalee Mason is the Project Manager spearheading this event.

“For this ceremony we will be giving out certificates to persons who have pursued the project management exam preparatory course offered by JTC and NRDF. It is to show appreciation to these persons who have pursued the course for the PMI exam to be certified as Project Managers.”

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is recognized the world over as the gold standard in project management. It is the most recognized industry standard certification for project managers. Senior Training Officer at the NRDF, Felix Francois is proud of the near 90 percent success rate for students his pursuing the project management course with his institution.

“We have had at least 60 to 75 persons coming through that program. Some of them have completed the program, while some will write the exam in December. This program has been a very prestigious program for persons who are interested in managing projects or working on the various projects, and this program brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of project management.”

General Manager at NRDF, Ronald Charles, emphasized the importance of project management.

“The world now has gone the route of project orientation. All funding that is provided either to governments or to organizations are based upon projects, and as such the funders of those initiatives want to ensure that their monies are strictly managed, and they want to ensure that there is transparency. So, there is a dire need for one to understand the rudiments of project management.”

The Project Management Recognition and Awards Ceremony is slated as a formal event on Nov. 2, in the conference room of the Finance Administrative Centre at Pointe Seraphine from 7:30 p.m.

International Project Management Day was first recognized in 2004, and is observed annually on the first Thursday in month of November.

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