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PRESS RELEASE: Wednesday November 1, 2017, St. Lucia Civil Society Coalition: The OAS has issued a call  to create coalitions of civil society organizations (CSOs) to join the Dialogue with High-Level Representatives of the Government at the VIII Summit of the Americas to be held in Lima, Peru in April 2018. According to the OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, this Summit offers an opportunity “for us to agree at the highest level on the measures that our region needs to guide it toward the consolidation on a day-to-day level of the values and principles that bind our countries together in democracy and human rights.”

At the instance of the OAS and in pursuance of the effective participation of civil society in the upcoming Summit; on Monday October 23rd, 2017 a national consultation with civil society and social actors was convened at the conference room of the Ministry of External Affairs, to deliberate on the core theme of the Summit: Democratic Governance against corruption. The national consultation forms part of a Caribbean-wide process of articulated action designed to create a Caribbean coalition for the VII Summit of the Americas.

Following deliberations on “how is corruption reflected in your local context and what ideas do you have to combat corruption” the following recommendations were formulated by the working groups for onward submission to the OAS Summit Implementation Review Group (SIRG).

Democratic Governance and Corruption

  1. Provide training in administrative law and human rights at entry level re: public service, statutory agencies and the judiciary
  2. Capacity building for managers in the public
  3. Constitutional reform
  4. Strengthening of the Integrity Commission
  5. Access to information
  6. Improved regulatory framework to ensure
  7. Independent public service commission
  8. Independence of the judiciary, by strengthening the selection of judges and adequate remuneration.
  9. Provision of adequate infrastructure to facilitate the proper functioning of the judicial system.
  10. Advocacy against

Corruption and Sustainable Development

  1. Accountability in the Public Service, through the establishment of an efficient and effective monitoring and evaluation
  2. Human rights
  3. Reform of planning legislation and the enactment of regulations to facilitate the enforcement of planning
  4. Effective legislation to combat economic crimes
  5. Enacting domestic legislation with the full and effective engagement of civil society in the implementation of the provisions of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.

Corruption International Institutions and Public-Private Partnerships

  1. Implementation  of   the   UN   Convention   against   Corruption   and    Inter-American Convention against
  2. Study / research the existing international and regional anti-corruption instruments so as to stamp out corrupt
  3. Public Education

The Summits of the Americas are institutionalized gatherings of the Heads of State and of Government of the Western Hemisphere where leaders discuss common policy issues, affirm shared values and commit to concerted actions at the national and regional level to address continuing and new challenges faced in the Americas. The Seventh Summit of the Americas was held in Panama City, Panama on April 10-11, 2015.

The national consultation has called attention to the need for independent monitoring of the Government’s compliance with various commitments signed in the name of St. Lucia in different international fora. Further, civil society must seek to position issues or suggest mandates that the Government must pursue in the interest of democratic governance against corruption.


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