St. Lucia/Sweden combination wins Chairman’s Reserve Cocktail Challenge

PRESS RELEASE: St. Lucian bartender, Steve Peter from the Body Holiday at Le Sport is off to Sweden after he teamed up with a Swedish bartender to win the Chairman Reserve Mai Tai Challenge.

The Chairman’s Reserve Cocktail Challenge is a competition that has evolved from just highlighting local bartending professionals to include a collaboration of  international talent as well.

Over the past year, Chairman’s Reserve conducted smaller cocktail competitions in top spirit markets around the globe. These multi-market competitions were very competitive and saw some of the world’s top bartenders and mixologists create many variations of the Mai Tai cocktail recipe with Chairman’s Reserve as the star spirit.

Ten international bartenders in the end emerged winners from the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Portugal and France to all converge in St Lucia to participate in the Chairman’s Reserve Tropical Cocktail Challenge.

Once landed on the island the international bartenders were paired with their St Lucian counter parts, to start their four day partnership for the competition.  The St Lucian Bartenders represented Cappella at Marigot Bay, Sandals, Bay Gardens Hotel, Anse Chastnet, Rendevouz Hotel, Wyndjamma Landing Hotel, The Body Holiday @ Le Sport.

The now twenty bartenders attended seminars on their profession and St Lucian spiced rum.  They also had the opportunity to learn more about the rum Chairman’s Reserve visit St Lucia Distillers and enjoy the sites of island via sea.

The interaction between the St. Lucian and international bartenders was to facilitate an exchange of ideas and methods and to encourage the international community to explore and experience the local culture and heritage of the island.

Visiting the Castries market in their two man teams was an important component of the competition.  It gave them an opportunity to see, smell and purchase fresh local fruit and spices that played a major role in their competing cocktails.

In the end Steve Peter of St. Lucia and Sharam Mohebi of Sweden wowed the judges and the audience at the finals of an international Mai Tai Cocktail Challenge held at Capella at Marigot Bay St. Lucia.

Steve Peter and Sharam Mohebi scored a total of 449 points to win the contest comfortably. Steve’s prizes included trophy, cash, and an all-expense paid trip to Sweden.

In second place was the United Kingdom/St. Lucia team of Andy Turner [UK] and Ron Hilaire of Capella at Marigot Bay. 3rd Place went to the USA’s Anthony Guaetta and Daniel Francois of Capella at Marigot Bay, with a total of 364 points.