Increased number of burglaries alarming, says AG

Barbados Today:-The number of burglaries has sparked within the past year, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite has said.

Brathwaite, who is also the Minister of Home Affairs, was speaking to the media at the Crime Awareness Month church service held at New Dimensions Ministries, when he disclosed that the increased number of burglaries was alarming.

“It continues to escalate year on year, so we have to examine why people are breaking into people’s houses, what are they doing with the proceeds, they are obviously selling them. They can’t be using all the televisions and stereo systems that they are stealing . . .  we have to work out who they are selling them to … we have to work out why they are acquiring the property,” the Attorney General said.

Acknowledging that poverty-related crime was also on the rise, Brathwaite theorised that the robberies could be drug-related.

“I suspect in many instances that it is drug related, not that the guys are unemployed and decide this is how I will make a living,” he said while adding that his ministry and the police were making great strides to reduce the demand for illegal drugs.

Following on the theme for Crime Awareness Month, Reducing Crime and Violence in Communities, Director of the Criminal Justice Research Unit, Cheryl Willoughby said that the department will be going into at-risk communities to determine the cause of crime and violence and develop possible programmes to stem it.

“The aim is to identify those risk factors specific to every community we are going in . . . I believe the time has come now where Barbados can no longer depend on anecdotal thought or information to pilot programmes in communities that we deem to need them most,” she added

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