Venezuela to continue being a reliable payer and partner of investors and international banks

RNV: The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced that Venezuela is entering the phase of denouncing the financial persecution of the US Government against our country.

“We entered into a phase of denunciation and reformatting of our relations. Enough already, how come our bonds are not received abroad? If Venezuela is a solid, reliable country, how is it that we put a country risk factor worse than countries that are at war? And we are paying. How can we not apply for credit? We want to talk about it, seeing those holders at eye level”, he denounced during the opening ceremony of the headquarters of the Military Academy of Medicine “Ezequiel Zamora”.

He said that the main responsible for these actions is the deputy Julio Borges, who has promoted the financial blockade to Venezuela at an international level, an action that he described as a betrayal of the Homeland. He recalled that for this reason he publicly requested the Attorney General to act in accordance with the Constitution and the law.

World media campaign:

He reported that in international media, specialized in the economy issue, had begun a campaign to generate uncertainty in the holders of Venezuelan debt bonds.

“We have paid 71,700 million dollars in 36 months, the only country in the world. Nervousness? There is no one more dutiful than Venezuela”, and added that in the same 36 months the country stopped receiving 100 billion dollars for oil revenues.

He also denounced that in that same period all the banks in Europe and the US denied loans, refused to buy Venezuelan bonds and refinanced debt, capital and interest, a normal procedure for countries, companies and people who have a good record in fulfilling their commitments.

“What is their goal? what Trump’s Secretary of the Treasury said: To suffocate us. They have not suffocated us, nor will they suffocate us, nor will they surrender us. Venezuela has gone ahead and will continue to move forward in fulfilling its commitments”, he said.

Meeting with investors:

The Head of State assured that Venezuela has no problems with the financing systems of China, a country with which there are good economic, financial and market relations, as well as with Russia and India.

He recalled that he ordered the refinancing and renegotiation of all Venezuela’s international commitments, for which a meeting with the bondholders has been called, to be held in Caracas on November 13.

He reported that on Friday the country began to make the timely payments of 1,121 million dollars of the 2017 PDVSA bond, and recalled that last week they paid $ 841 million.

“Venezuela will continue to be a reliable payer, a reliable partner of investors, bondholders and banks that wants to respect us.”


  1. Looshian
    November 7, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Why is this crap website the online one going on publishing this crap propaganda? Looshians, wake up and read the real news

  2. Chris
    November 7, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Seriously ? The guy should be shot. Just ask any Venezuelan if they’re happy. They lack basics – medicines, toilet roll, shampoo – you name it and they don’t have it. People are literally dying for want of basic medicines and yet the country is sitting on massive oil reserves. By any reasonable measure the country should be wealthy. Don’t blame the rest of the world for the appalling mismanagement of the government.