Disaster preparedness workshop NEMO/St.Lucia Crisis Centre (SLCC)

PRESS RELEASE: The St. Lucia Crisis Centre will be conducting a Disaster Preparedness Workshop in collaboration with National Emergency Management Office on Thursday November 09 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at its Centre.

The Workshop is geared towards disaster preparedness planning and sensitization for our members and clients.

It is always too late to prepare after disaster strikes and as a result this training session will help educate and empower individuals to be better prepared in the event. The SLCC continues to liaise with the local emergency management services as needs vary depending on location and circumstances.

The Caribbean Countries are at risk to many types of disasters and they tend to have a greater impact on vulnerabilities and such persons are not able to invest in measures to lessen their risk from a disaster. These conditions make it difficult to maintain and prepare homes for a potential disaster.

Therefore, it is imperative that we educate and prepare our vulnerable people since preparation is your most important key to survival.

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