ANC Will Continue Legal Procedures to Politicians who Attempted against State Stability

AVN: The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) will continue to act in its plenipotentiary capacity in order to approve legal procedures to right-wing politicians who have attempted against the stability of the State in their pretensions to overthrow the constitutional Government. For such purposes, those politicians have promoted extremely violent actions and foreign military intervention in Venezuela, according to information provided by the constituent Julio Chavez.

In an interview this Tuesday in Venevision, Julio Chavez mentioned that there will be no impunity for all those who were part of the planning of these violent events in the country that, according to him, are widely known.

In addition, the ANC approved on Monday a decree authorizing the interruption of the parliamentary immunity of the right-wing deputy Freddy Guevara, main actor of the plans that destabilized public order in some regions between April and July this year, and who incited a foreign military intervention in Venezuela.

Chavez explained that the ANC gave authorization to the Supreme Court to continue the legal process against Guevara, “just as it will be done with other leaders of the opposition. That will happen on purpose of everything what those acts of violence and terrorism meant during almost three months in the main regions of the country,” he remarked.

Chavez also stressed that within the purposes of the ANC to ensure peace in the country is to prevent impunity; “Freddy Guevara and those who have to give answers to the country must face the national justice.”