West Ham fans urged to stop 999 calls

BBC:-West Ham United supporters are being urged to stop calling 999 to complain after their team loses.

The Hammers suffered a 2-0 defeat by Watford on Sunday, leaving David Moyes’ side without a Premier League win in five games and in the relegation zone.

Essex Police’s Force Control Room said on Twitter: “Ringing 999 because West Ham have lost again and you aren’t sure what to do is not acceptable.”

It is understood that one fan rang emergency services after Sunday’s loss.

Goals from Will Hughes and Richarlison meant Moyes’ first game in charge of West Ham since taking over from Slaven Bilic ended in defeat.

Police added that calling 999 about West Ham was a “complete waste of our time”.

BBC Radio London’s West Ham commentator Nick Godwin said: “Many fans are furious about the recent performances of the team, the fact that they play in a stadium that they don’t like and they have a manager they didn’t particularly want.

“As Essex Police have pointed out, none of this constitutes an actual emergency. But the fact that a 999 call was made after the game underlines how powerless some Hammers fans now feel.”