Relocation of Services from Soufriere Hospital

Press Release:-Health Officials were alerted to second fire at the Soufriere Hospital at about 7pm on Saturday  December 2nd. Medial Officer for Health Dr. Sharon Belmar-George said there were no reports no injuries or casualties resulting from the fire and expressed gratitude to the police and fire service personnel for their quick response in preventing the fire from damaging the entire building.

 “Based on the initial reports we note that the maternity section, the storeroom and the mental health area to the back of the building were destroyed by the fire however in the front  primary care section remained intact.  So from the first night, the 24hr urgent care services were transferred to the Etangs Wellness Centre. So to date 24hrs services are available at the Etangs Wellness Centre. We are also working to retrofit the St. Isidore’s Hall which is central within the community of Soufriere to provide primary care services to the community. We note that with the relocation during the last fire, the number of clients who were able to access the Etangs Wellness Centre was reduced. So we are quite pleased to be working on this to ensure access to care to the community of Soufriere.  “

Dr. George appealed for patients and understanding and for persons to work with the Ministry of Health in terms of accessing care at the said locations until the primary care section of the Soufriere Hospital is available pending completion of the relevant investigations into the cause of the fire. The Ministry of Health is hoping to commence primary care services later this week at the St. Isidore’s Hall in Soufriere.

“Apart from the actual damage to the structure at the hospital we also lost valuable equipment and supplies which were in one of the storerooms which got completely damaged. We have also been working with the St. Jude Hospital and the Victoria Hospital to provide the additional support during this period where we have the interim measures at the Etangs Wellness Centre. So the other support services are working with us to reduce the impact of this fire on the services that we provide to the community and its environs.”

 This is the second fire in one month at the Soufriere Hospital, the first one occurred on 9th November 2017.