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Couple Mike Addis and Catherine Weightman have built an impressive LEGO sculpture every Christmas for the past 25 years.

What once started out as a way of entertaining their three children during the festive season, has become an expensive hobby.

And despite having cost the couple £45,000 so far, they show now signs of slowing down.

Their children have grown up and are now ‘too embarrassed’ to join in on the family fun but the pair strive to continue the festive tradition.

And this year, they’ve built an 8 foot tall Victorian house made from 450,000 LEGO bricks.

The five-story masterpiece took two months to complete and the new parts alone (which includes period furniture) cost the couple around £600.

But this year, the pair have raised £4,000 for environmental charities by running LEGO competitions.

And although their children no longer wish to participate in the building process, the whole family takes part in the demolition after Christmas.

Mike revealed: “On Twelfth Night we invite different friends round and we have some wine, eat and watch a film and take down the model.”

Yet despite their incredible efforts, LEGO has yet to reach out to the couple.

“They sent us a standard reply letter and a key ring back in 2006 when I sent in some pictures of our models,” Mike admitted.

Two words: couple goals.