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Twin brothers,  identified as Yohanz and Terhanz St Marie, were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance Wednesday night after  being shot.

One of the victims was hit in the leg while the other was hit in the upper body, according to eyewitness reports.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the incident occurred at Balata around 9:00 pm.

The 23 year old victims are reported to have been on their way home when they were ambushed by gunmen.

Neighbours told St Lucia Times that they heard about eleven gunshots.


  1. […] Source: St. Lucia Times Twin brothers,  identified as Yohanz and Terhanz St Marie, were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance Wednesday night after  being shot. One of the victims was hit in the leg while the other was hit in the upper body, according to eyewitness reports. According to information obtained by St Lucia… Link: Twin brothers shot at Balata […]

  2. What a horrible new year it will be for the grieving family. Condolences. When hear such stories I cant imagine what the families are going through. I read elsewhere that one of the twins died. When will the killing stop. We don’t only need help from God but help from ourselves. St.lucia is turning to a war zone with all those shootings.

  3. There are so many homicides and gun related crimes that the public seems to be desensitized to such happenings. People are sadly coming to the realization that gun crimes are now an inevitable part of life living in St. Lucia. Unbelievable !

  4. One more useless on the streets…….. ull want to terrorize people then dont expect consequences like these. It’s a dog eat dog world….. hope it’s a lesson to the other twin that survive

    • @Respect maybe u should shut the hell up n stop judging ppl ure the only useless around u don’t even know the guy because I’m sure if u did u wud nvr say that, ppl die by just hanging around someone n enemy doesn’t like, does that mean just cause u hate someone I must stay away from them n fear those they contact?NO! We should all hv a right to associate with who we want to
      U quick to promote violence by commenting the only useless around is u judgemental

      • @Harsh Reality n common sense something “respects” lack.oh shut the hell up u no nothing these twins were bare trouble makers the one that died he stabbed a guy on the babonneau bus stand he had to b signing everyday at the babonneau police station. That very night they got shot they had just stabbed a guy and slapped another. So wen u don’t no nun u keep quiet. Like they say u reap wat u sow what goes around cums back around,he nva thought his time would cum so soon. M not praising abt his death I sympathize wit the family but these guys were nun easy. And the other twin he better check himself cus his time will cum too.

    • Yes I believe he will and you will judge him in due time. When 23 year old are involve in such maladies of society you must asked yourself what went wrong and when. Under whose administration were these youth neglected. These unfortunate youth were just about 3 years old when Kenny became PM in 1997. They became a teenager under his administration.
      These kids were being exposed to the public from Kindergarten (5) which is government school. If not expose to a positive society until 15 years they are in trouble. I am referring to the unfortunate children.
      What is happening now is just a manifestation of Kenny Anthony neglect of the youth. We need to be fair to Hon Allen Chastanet at this point. He will be judged accordingly. Crime was only 12 and mostly domestic before Kenny Anthony in 1997. He left in 2006 and it was in the 40s.

      • Really? My child was not raised by NO Minister, NO Teacher. I raised him how I was raised; by my Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Neighbours souceering on me. Long story short “IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD”

      • Jah man u Idiot…how can u say Kenny…..kids choose their own paths…we as parents do all we can to raise our kids…. Government has nothing to do with them…at the end of the day What u Reap Is What u sew…. Condolences to the family…and we are not to Judge…the only Judge is the Father….

      • So I want you all idiots to tell me how do you expect a government can curb on crime. @villager are you aware that the same child you would do everything to be on track, spends 8 hrs from you as a child and as teenager would spend more? Don’t you think that they would want to explore and go beyond the village? Don’t you think that the children can be led astray? Don’t you all believe if a government has a good social and youth development structure like sports and education, low unemployment, proper healthcare ect, this would help curb crime? You said it right ” It takes a Village to raise a Child” but you do seem to know that village depends on the country.

        We do let politics blind us a bit, even at the cost of our children life. It reminds me of this guy who had a vehicular accident with Kenny Anthony in Vfort and when his mother who was SLP, was took that her son had an accident with the MP she said that her child should die.

        So @Villager, @Proud St Lucian and @Pissed Of By Your Uruly Sentiments you need to open your eyes. Again I would asked you how can a govt curb crime? Can the police be everywhere a crime is committed? Are you recommending shooting them all? If the police happen to catch every criminal would jailing them for life stop crime, even if society do not cater for the youth ie No jobs, very expensive education, healthcare sucks, no structure sporting activities what would happen even to villagers child. What would a shantytown breed, Criminals or doctors? And Why.

  5. Can someone tell me the name of the person in St.Lucia who can make us all safe? We are all fools if we think any individual or government can eradicate or control crime.

  6. Jamaica has 1500 plus murders,they were given #1 Tourist destination & Cruise ship destination for 2017.Maybe the hooligans are trying to help the tourism industry.

  7. Most of the young people are employed by security companies all they earn is 4;25 cent an hour and they have to work 12 hours a day that is a crime against humanity the SLP and the UWP are both responsible for the social decay in the island but the uwps are are worst hotels are everywhere but 95 percent of the black people live in slums and ghettos where people poop in Marcy shopping bags what a shame on the politicians

  8. This has nun to do with the government OK these young ppl are using the ghetto life as an excuse as to y they’re leaving their lives that way …..and the younger ones follow rather than making a difference …….. They grow up with each other and then kill each other

    • Think about what you are saying and don’t go pointing fingers to early. .tell me what has any government put in place for kids who are not academically inclined..who are more hands on not every one is ment to be a doctor or lawyer ..so for those kids who can’t catch up with the other kids will keep failing in class and can’t pass common entrance or cxc..what is there in place for them ..is there a trade school available for the market vendor to send her child to or a single parent who can’t afford a tutor for their child to get extra classes..what will u tell the poor people that can’t afford to. Not one government has put in place a public trade school or schools..if u not academically inclined or ur parents can’t afford ..how will u eat..or survive ..some find a way out but most turn to the easiest one drugs..ghettos..gangs..which is more rampant because they are all part of the same failing system..pepole keep making kid’s with no where to go if u not academically inclined u screwed..and gangs and ghetto population will keep growing

  9. the st.lucia police is not working hard in nothe we never hard those problem before you could of walk eny time of the night no one trubbly you everyone was friendly.

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