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Press Release:-CASTRIES – With the fourth installment of the acclaimed DASH Colour Fun Run mere weeks away, the primary donor recipient – the Child Development and Guidance Centre (CDGC) through its Director and Paediatrician Dr. Kim Gardner-Sadoo – is reminding the corporate community of the importance of supporting causes like these, which benefit the core of the community.

According to Dr. Gardner-Sadoo, small organizations like LiiVE Pro – the DASH organizing body – have and continue to keep the flames of hope alive for the scores of children and families who benefit from the services of the CDGC.

“We are proud to once again partner with LiiVE Pro for the fourth time in the DASH Colour Run,” Dr. Gardner-Sadoo said while underlining the organization’s motto “to help every child reach their fullest potential “.

“This aligns perfectly with the new vision of DASH,” she continued, “because we too embrace the idea of future thinking and the putting in place of foundations that best serve our children.”

Part proceeds from the DASH family event goes towards the support of CDGC programs that assist developmentally challenged children island-wide receive much needed therapeutic intervention that help promote their best development.

“And during this season of sharing and giving we look forward to be able to support many more during 2018,” Dr. Gardner-Sadoo said.

The DASH Colour Fun Run, which began in 2015 to build awareness of charitable community needs through an engaging and Independence platform, has since grown into an anticipated gathering of over 2,000 people.

The CDGC has been the primary donor recipient from inception.

Recently, partners Dione Benn and Robberta Rose disclosed DASH’s new 2020 vision geared at assisting with the foundational support of some of the island’s best athletes.

While the full details of the new vision will be unveiled on January 20, 2018 both Rose and Benn have assured that the traditional support for organizations like the CDGC will continue and possibly even magnify.

“We will maintain our annual commitment to the CDGC to ensure that they are able to maintain their program and continue to affect the lives of the many who depend on them,” said Dione Benn.