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Relatives of  Trinidadian ,Richie Ramdass, who was shot dead along the St Jude Highway in Vieux Fort on December 31, 2017, want help to fly his body home, Trinidad and Tobago Newsday has reported.

According to the publication, Ramdass’ brother, Ravi, said he would like Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dennis Moses, to help the relatives bring the body back to Trinidad as they could not afford to do so.

The brother was quoted as saying that he contacted Moses’ office on Friday but was told to send a written request.

“This was unexpected and with the current recession this country is experiencing, we are barely meeting our financial commitment on a monthly basis,” the brother  told Newsday.

He told the publication that he would like to give his brother a good send-off but he does not have the money.

Richie Ramdass, 24, was one of two men killed around  9 p.m. on December 31, while in a car along the St. Jude Highway in Vieux-Fort.

The other victim was identified as 26-year-old Venezuelan national, Vincente Jose Mendoza Pacheco.

Ramdass was reported to have died at the scene, while Pacheco later died at hospital.

Police  found a sum of foreign currency and a firearm in the vehicle, which was exiting a driveway when the men were attacked, according to news reports.



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  1. People read the article. The family is asking the TRINIDAD government for help. Remember it could be your family one day

  2. Saint Lucia found money on their vehicle ,give it to them it belongs to them .it is blood money ,blood has shed for it ,smh give it to them saint Lucia ,we have enough blood shed already in our country .

  3. Unda wata and Smh, is people like you’ll that making Chasnet make the comment about the level of education our adults possess.

    You mean to tell me you’ll read the article and came to the conclusion that it was SLU Gov that was being asked for help to repatriate the body!

    Lord Help Us.

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