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An American couple with a toddler in a stroller reported being robbed Thursday in the Rodney Bay  area by young men armed with guns and butcher knives.

The incident occurred around 10.30 pm.

The couple told St Lucia Times that the attackers were four men who appeared to be in their twenties.

The US nationals, who recently arrived in Saint Lucia,  recalled that they were on foot walking from the Rodney Bay Massy Stores  Supermarket when they we were targeted.

‘The boys who robbed us drove in a brand new shiny looking white four door sedan car,’ they told St Lucia Times.

‘They drove up past us in the dark, stopped their car at the top of the hill past the Cleopatra Villas and waited there in the dark where they knew we would be passing by. They then got out of their car with butcher knives and guns as we approached strolling our toddler inside his stroller. They ran over towards us with their weapons and told us not to scream,’ the visitors stated.

They told St Lucia Times that the young criminals robbed them of a silver iPhone 6s and other things, including cash.

The victims want help from members of the public to recover the iPhone which they described as being very important and contains ‘sacred pictures of our children which are non- replaceable.’

‘If any of them have offered to sell the iPhone to you please know that it is iCloud locked and has been red flagged as stolen.  The phone cannot not be unlocked, wiped or swiped in any way. Without the iCloud account password, there is no amount of hard cracking that any expert can do to break into the phone in order to be able to restore it to use for resale on the black market – the iPhone 6s in non-crackable. It is nothing more than a brick to you,’ they declared.

According to the victims, if  anyone that tries to activate the phone their geo- location will be marked so that police can be sent to that location to retrieve the phone and arrest anyone who is in possession of it.

They are asking anyone with information about the robbery to contact the Rodney Bay police station.

‘If they could do something like this to us while we have our little baby toddler with us, they could do it to any one of you as well. This organized crime is spoiling this beautiful country of ours and we need to make it stop!’ They asserted.

They are offering a cash reward of $US 100 to anyone who will bring the phone back to them.

The device  has a transparent gray rubber cover on it that is ‘somewhat falling apart’.

The victims have said that they may be contacted at telephone numbers : 758-714-0137 or 758-718-5747 or 201-500-7223


    • Hun , only now u hate them. I cah stand these thugs and when they get killed the effing idiotic parents will come cry and say “my son was a good boy”. Dont worry, thugs lives are short. Can never feel sorry for these when they die.

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:
      “I tell you the truth, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, but they didn’t see it. And they longed to hear what you hear, but they didn’t hear it.”

      –Matthew 13:17

    • Just may be if law enforcement was focused on solving crime rather than spending their time watching videos on Facebook to lay charges on people exercising free speech, we would solve or prevent more crime.

    • I am from Trinidad & Tobago but resides in the USA for over 40yr+ now and am seeing from a distance the criminal elements destroying out little Caribbean islands piece by piece and it’s very disturbing to read and it doesn’t look good from my vantage point. It can only devastate your tourist-dependent economy when our and various other State Dept put out these warnings about Caribbean islands as far as crime is concern. I look at a beautiful island like Jamaica where it’s worse than any other island in that part of the world. SAD!!!

  1. Shouldn’t have publicized the geo – location feature of the phone. This information should be given only to the police. Now the crooks/criminals have been alerted, making it more difficult for them to be apprehended. something has got to be done about this crime epidemic plaguing the island. A comprehensive ACTION PLAN is needed. Not just TALK!

  2. The more bad publicity and attacks these criminals perpetrate on tourists, the worse the reputation of St Lucia will have. I worry it will not be long before some western country decides that this country needs assistance and they will take control of the situation for y’all. Please government, do something before it is too late.

  3. Don’t worry. The guys have rights. No one should lay a finger on them. Ask them to lay on the ground while you call the police… After all ” what they did was wrong but don’t treat them badly.” That is what many hypocrite St. Lucians will say while thugs bring down the image of this country. Their well being is top priority.

  4. B
    Those worthless young black males are a disease to society. Wherever they are. In St. Lucia, in the USA.. Women don’t do these sort of stuff. It’s horrible what’s going on in such a lovely little island.
    I’ve often been so proud when someone in the USA or a European national tells me I have a nice accent, where am from. Then you say St. Lucia and it was always something pleasant that comes out of their mouth.
    We Can’t let our country’s reputation be ruined. Let’s put an end to it and make St. Lucia great and safe again.

  5. They tried to cover their plate number just before they drove away, which indicates the vehicle is not stollen. It’s really sad that these boys are robbing foreigners without any fear of punishment since they didn’t even bother to cover their faces while committing the crime. From the looks of their expensive car, they certainly did not need the money! It appears that these Lucian teenagers are just robbing and terrorizing innocent people for fun just because they think they will always get away with it. Someone needs to make it stop!

  6. All these little shops that fix and try to crack wand unlock phones must be checked by law men since most of them buy phones for parts. Especially when they cannot be unlocked

  7. And st lucias mad when some people say it’s a rum country .every time i meet a stranger and i greet them they always ask are you from the Caribbean?saying yes with a smile.
    Then their answer would be i love the Caribbean especially st lucia ..but lucians watch you bread make the devil a liar please stop the danger in your country …nasty boys

  8. I’ll be coming on holiday to St Lucia soon and it’s a concern reading about the untouchable feeling these criminals have. I understand that police resources are overwhelmed due to financial limitations on their ability to tackle the problem, but ultimately unless law and order is enforced inward investment from overseas will be affected.

    Unlike most tourists we are staying self catering and we want to spend money eating in locally run restaurants. Not expensive places, but where locals eat and drink. We want to be able to experience the real Lucia and support the people.

    As it stands I’m already resigned to not being able to go anywhere after dark because it’s not safe to do so, and I’m worried about visiting Castries in the day but will be careful as much as possible and give it a go. It’s such a shame for everyone because tourists generally do want get out and about and help support st Lucian run businesses.

    These people need dealing with now before more damage is done to your livelihoods.

    We are the couple that was robbed! We are increasing the reward to $US 200 for anyone who turns in the phone. Additionally, anyone willing to turn in at least one of the assailants will receive $US 300 which totals $US 500 for the phone and at least one of the assailants. That’s $US 200 for the phone and an additional $US 300 for the perpetrators. If anyone has any information or knows the whereabouts of those individuals, please call one of the numbers listed in the article or the Rodney Bay Police!

    • Have the perpetrators been caught yet? Any progress on finding them? We arrive on island 2-1 and are concerned about the increase in crimes and lack of police presence in the Reduit Beach area despite the sub-station adjacent to the Royal

  10. Out of interest who are you travelling with? We booked our flight and hotel with British Airways. As far as I’m aware unless the travel advice changes on the British government website you aren’t eligible for a refund. I would not have booked a holiday on this island had I been aware of the crime rate that is spiralling out of control, but now it seems like we are trapped into risking our lives because it’s non refundable.

    I will telephone them in the morning and update you all on here, as I’m sure there are many people that have booked to travel who would like to change their destination to somewhere where they will be safe.

  11. Very sad to hear about this. Last night there was a food and rum festival which was popular and there was an obvious police presence. Usually you don’t see any police in the Rodney Bay Area on foot. This needs to be sorted to benefit locals and tourists alike. The story is already out in the media and sites like TA. Bad for St Lucia and Lucians trying to make a living.

  12. Crime in St Lucia is totally out of control and getting worse. The criminal mentality has pervaded the whole society. I recently visited The Gambia in west Africa and like St Lucia they rely on agriculture and tourism (also industry) but that is where the similarities end.

    They have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. They just don’t believe in robbing and murdering people and they are so much better off with that type of thinking. Radical change is required in St Lucia (and the Caribbean region) to reverse this rotten and evil thinking process.

  13. Officer In charge!! Check out the Fellas in reduit, these days they have some new guns. The younger ones. Check around the place, that car is a rental! sniff them out. Their boss giving them the guns to “eat Bread” Visit Henny Pub. Ask Around. The tall fella that with the Clark Girl. He is the MAIN BOSS. Officer in charge dont act like you dont know. Carielle the boss living yall should know that. I see police officers drinking at their bar. Where is internal affairs?? Anyway by now we all know who the main ones are..when is the malaway the police will come to their houses with no probable cause and mash up the whole house without a warrant. But when the main criminals that bringing all the drugs and guns into the country with fishing boats they own, nothing for that. ? How can crime be curbbed on this island when law inforcement is so easily bought and continue to turn a blind eye to the MAIN PPL AT THE TOP!!?

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