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PRESS RELEASE: Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has expressed disbelief that two young Vieux-Fortians who expressed their frustration with the Allen Chastanet Administration especially over their treatment of the Vieux Fort South Constituency were arrested and charged last weekend. The Parliamentary Representative says what is more outrageous is that the  young men in question have been asked to record a video apologizing for their criticism of Allen Chastanet and the UWP, if they wish to avoid prosecution. It is alleged that the arrests and requests for the apology are instructions from the authorities. 

According to Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony,  “it is simply wrong to use police officers to intimidate those, who for one reason or other, engage in political dissent by criticizing the UWP Leader and the Ministers of his Government. Saint Lucia has a culture of freedom of expression on all matters, particularly those who express political opinions and that must be protected.  Citizens should be free to disagree with the government and to speak out about the neglect and difficulties currently being faced in the country.”

Dr. Kenny D. Anthony says  that he “strongly condemns the charges laid against the young men in question. This is a very dangerous development with implications to all citizens who use the social media to express their political opinions on issues facing the country. So serious is this matter that I encourage members of the public to contribute to a “Defence Fund,” details of which I shall provide later, to assist the young men to meet their legal expenses.”


    • How about Timothy Poleon who was forced to read an apology on Radio/TV because he read an item on Kenny written and published in the print media. St Lucians needs to be wary of Hypocritical Kenny.

      • Charles de’CotAss, there is a big difference in express a view and maligning somebody. You must be one of those the PM have only preschool education.

      • To be seen as a credible individual one should always practice what he teaches. Kenny do not have a history of free speech respect. If you know the value of free speech, why don’t you advise Kenny to use it and tell us about Grinberg. Tell us about Saint Jude’s construction. Use the free speech privilege to tell us his role in the down fall of the Banana industry. Least you forget or perhaps be informed that Pre School education has been and will always be vital in ones overall academic education. Thanks to be a Pre schooler and for your information, far beyond that.

  1. SHUT UP KENNY!!!! No free speech for you. When you had to talk to answer questions, you chose not to. So shut up now.

  2. Kenny is no better than them, if he condones profanity and calls it freedom of expression. It only shows the caliber of man he is. I wonder if I were to express my frustration of him by using profanity whether he would laugh it off. Anyway if he is so much for them he should offer to represent them in court. No wonder he fell from GOD’s grace.

    • Pool Bois, the destroyer, cause that’s what pool bois do, at least you claim he fell from grace but you never came near it.

  3. This is ludicrous, Kenny, an ex-PM, a constitutional lawyer, is actually condoning PROFANITY, in the name of free speech? When you were free to talk about Rochamel, about Grynberg, about Jufali …. you kept silent. Well Kenny, stay silent still!!! And above all, you want your supporter to fund the defense of these guys? Why don’t you defend them… They are your constituents … do something for Vieux Fort South for a change.

  4. Were the charges laid against the two “not so gentlemen” for castigating Chastanet and the UWP or for making use of indecent language? I personally think that they should have been warned instead of this big stick approach. For Dr. Kenny Anthony not to condemn the profanity and expletives is worrying. For political expedience, our political leaders turn a blind eye to profanity, vulgarity, and blasphemous language. We are sure leaving Hell for our children.

  5. IS KENNY suffering from a lapse of memory? IS his mind so twisted that he has forgotten that he was the one who first attacked THE FREE SPEECH which he is now clamoring about? Has he forgotten RICK WAYNE and SARAH FLOOD which he fired from the house for expressing their opinion.? Wasn’t that suppressing OPPOSITION to him and FREE SPEECH? IT shows that he is a poor lawyer who forgets what he does and says. There is a saying that “the higher the monkey climbs a tree is the more it shows its ASSSS.

    • HAWK eye. They were government senators and they were selected to represent the government’s view and not their personal. This is the accepted position in all systems like ours. But you will not understand that. Seeing much but understanding little

  6. Is Kenny Suffering from mental dementia? Has he forgotten when he fired RICK WAYNE and SARAH FLOOD ? Wasn’t he suppressing FREE SPEECH then?

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