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PRESS RELEASE: The January 12 to 14 Saint Lucia Food & Rum Festival will celebrate the island’s culinary excellence and the finest rums of the Caribbean and the world.

A centerpiece of the festival is the Chairman’s Reserved Spice Rum Cocktail Competition. The preliminary round of competition is a judge exclusive event hosted at the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort on Thursday, January 11, and features 17 bartenders vying for one of the spots in the finals.

The bartenders will have e given a total of 5 minutes to prepare their previously submitted cocktail recipes for judging. These cocktails may include any ingredients of the bartender’s choice and a minimum of two rums with Chairman’s spiced rum as the base spirit. The five highest scoring bartenders will move on to the final round at The Main Course event on January 14 at the Pigeon Island National Landmark.

The final round of the competition will feature a Mystery Bar from which the bartenders will have twenty minutes to review the mystery ingredients and design a drink recipe. The recipe must use Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum as the base spirit and consist of no more than 6 ingredients. The bartender’s written recipe must include the cocktail’s name, list of ingredients with measurements, the method of preparation and cost.

The bartenders will then have ten minutes to prepare the cocktails for judging.

The cocktails will be judged out of a possible 100 points. A total of 10 points for name, originality, creativity, 20 points for Timing, method, neatness, 10 points for Visual appeal, presentation, 40 points for Aroma, taste, balance, 10 points for the use Caribbean ingredients and 10 Points for the Use of Mixology Technique.

The winning cocktail is expected to become the island’s signature cocktail especially for visitors. For more information visit: http://www.stlucia.org/food-rum-festival/