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Trinidad Express:-The discovery of hidden ­cameras in a room at Plipdeco’s headquarters in Point Lisas yesterday sparked a protest by workers who accused management of spying on their activities.

The room is used by some workers to change their clothing.

However, company president Ernest Ashley Taylor says the camera was installed for the security of employees and there was no ­sinister intent.

The company also said the room was used by both male and female employees, where clerks were ­given their assignments for the day.

Invasion of privacy.

The cameras were removed and all footage will be deleted—a decision taken after president of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers’ Trade Union (SWWTU) Michael Annisette met with Taylor.

It was also decided that there be separate rooms for male and female workers to utilise for changing.
The protest started just before midday, when someone found the camera hidden behind trunking in the wall.

Video footage that surfaced online shows employees ripping apart the wiring to get to the camera.

Annisette said the camera, identified as Phylink PLC-128 PW 720 HD converter IP wireless, is a mini pinhole camera with motion detecting capabilities.

An emergency meeting was held with union representatives and management to discuss the matter. “This is an absolute invasion of privacy and we need to get to the bottom of this.

“Management says it will be investigating this matter and in an upcoming meeting the union and management will be reviewing the footage. I am disappointed by such actions by management, which they admitted to,” said Annisette.

Taylor spoke to the Express and said: “The company has hundreds of cameras throughout the port and the industrial estate, including some of the enclosed operations.

“The cameras were not in any ladies’ locker room. That area in question is a common area shared by both male and female employees. Up until this point we were not aware that this area was used to change clothes.”

Taylor admitted the employees were not aware there were cameras in the room, and gave the assurance that in future they would be notified of such actions as taken by management.

Annisette said on Monday union representatives and management will meet to have the information deleted.
Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited (Plipdeco) is 51 per cent owned by the State and 49 per cent owned by private stakeholders.