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GIS: The Display Celebrates Saint Lucian Authors and Writers.

The Nobel Laureate Committee is pleased with the overwhelming support shown—particularly by the schools—for its annual book exhibition currently underway at the Castries City Hall.

The exhibition, now into its third year, celebrates Saint Lucian authors and writers, and forms part of activities for the Nobel Laureate Festival.

Lead organizer of the exhibition, Dahlia François, said the idea is to create an ambience that encourages children to read.

“We match the authors and ask them to come in and read, because we would like the children to meet the persons who wrote the book, to try to get a perspective on what made them write the book, so they themselves can have a better appreciation and want to read the books,” she explained.

Fortuna Anthony, a retired educator, is one of the authors whose work is being showcased at the exhibition. She is the author of “Four Tuna Lucian Experience Cookbook”, and the children’s book, “Tim-Tim, the River Crayfish.” She said much of her writing is based on personal experiences.

Tim-Tim the River Crayfish was based on a true story set in River Doree where I lived at Sapphire. At one point there was no running water, so the river was really the social ground for people in the communities of Piaye and River Doree, and after a while the water became very polluted because of a special industry that was being carried out. Years after I was moved to say that we needed to save our source of water because our water became so polluted that all the crayfish died. Since then I have written two other books which I am hoping to publish—mainly children’s books—one of them is called Crick Crack, the Green Grasshopper, and just about a month ago I wrote Dancing with a Centipede, because of an experience that I had with a centipede.”

Anthony said the books have been well received by children in Grenada, St. Croix and Saint Lucia. The work of the local authors and writers is also being showcased at the Alliance Francaise, and Valmont’s Bookstore.

The exhibition is being hosted in collaboration with the Castries Constituency Council and will run until Saint Lucia’s 29th Independence Anniversary.