Guyana: Mother drinks poison, gives some to baby

Guyana Chronicle:–  DOCTORS are reportedly battling to save the life of 19-year-old Roshini Ramlakhan, of East Berbice, who last Saturday drank poison and gave some to her one-year-old baby after a heated argument with her husband.

According to Ramlakhan’s mother, Kayolall Thakurdyal, the doctors were able to remove the poison from out of the toddler’s system, and despite the lips being swollen, red and blistered, the child is now able to drink his formula.

Thakurdyal related that on Saturday last, she received a call saying that her daughter was at the Number 61 bus shed; that a greenish substance was coming out of her mouth; and that her son was next to her and crying uncontrollably.

She said that she later learnt that her daughter and her husband of two years had an argument and that she ingested gramaxone in a bid to end her life.

Public-spirited citizens rushed to teenaged mother and baby to the Skeldon Hospital.

Dinesh Singh, the 23-year-old husband, told the Guyana Chronicle that on the morning in question, he and Roshini did have an argument but that it was nothing major as to warrant her attempting to end her life.

“We had a li’l quarrel the morning, but we did okay; was not a big fight or so,” Dinesh said, “but like she took it to heart and decided to try fuh kill sheself and meh son.”

He said they would always have their little arguments and recalled her threatening once when their son was just three months old, that she would end both her life and the baby’s.

Now her relatives are blaming the husband for what she did, saying that it is the constant bickering that pushed her over the edge.

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  1. Anonymous guy
    March 8, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    What kind of crap i’m reading why are the blaming the husband clearing the wife/mother has major issues