T&T: Women in bloody fight over man

Trinidad Guardian:–  A confrontation between a woman and her husband’s alleged mistress ended in bloodshed yesterday, after one of the women was stabbed during a fight in a pharmacy on High Street, San Fernando.

The commotion drew a crowd outside the pharmacy, Bartlett Drugs, who waited to see the women involved in the “fight over man.” The incident took place after 1 pm.

However, pharmacy owner Daphne Bartlett said a woman came into the store to purchase something. Shortly after, the alleged horner woman and her friend entered the pharmacy. They began arguing and it escalated into a fight, during which time one of the women was stabbed.

“I did not really see what took place, but I was hearing while I was doing the prescription and I heard screaming and a knife and different things took place. Apparently someone got stabbed as you see a lot of blood in the store.”

Bartlett said she saw the woman who appeared to be the wife bleeding from the stab wound lying on the ground with another “half naked” woman on top of her. The other woman was standing nearby.

“I did hear her saying to girl that she was married to the man for 20 years and you friendly with my husband,” said Bartlett.

However, she was disappointed with the police response.

“I have to say the police station is just two minutes away from this establishment and it took them at least half an hour to arrive here. They could have run 20 times back and forth. If it was a gun-play many more people could have injuries, some could have even died, because the three people involved were very upset with each other.”

She said what happened was a reflection of what was happening in society.

“It is just the society, everybody has anger and hate, tempers flare easily,” she said.

She said her staff was in shock over the incident. Blood and goods were spilled on the floor of the business place following the incident and they were forced to close for the rest of the day. The injured woman, who had blood over her face and clothes, was attended to by EHS technicians and taken to the San Fernando General Hospital. The other two women were taken into police custody for questioning. San Fernando police are continuing investigations.


  1. Mike Oxsaw
    March 12, 2018 at 7:48 am

    As we say in the UK, the one behind is built like a brick house.

  2. Ticked
    March 12, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    So the man was having fun with his jabal/lover/maitee. You go and get you face buss up. Now you lose twice. Next time just let him meet another man on-top of you. have your own fun.