The Unbelievable Effect of Garlic on Testosterone that Will Make You Eat It Every Day

By Contributor Gracy Singh: Let’s be honest here for a second: if you are a man, most likely you love garlic.

It’s like the passion that most of us share for spicy & hot food, meat, and beer. Garlic is in this very fabulous group of ingredients: our top picks to add into most dishes, sauces, and snacks.

But who could EVER imagine that modern science would come up with evidence that garlic could actually help you become more masculine and manly – by boosting your testosterone.

Nope, that’s not a joke. Instead of opting for dangerous testosterone injections that could totally mess up with your natural secretion of this essential hormone, you could just adopt a garlic-rich diet and see those muscles bulking up like crazy. And that’s just ONE of the benefits you can expect.

Eager to learn more? Let’s start right away: the fabulous list of garlic health benefits. We’ll kick off with some testosterone-related stuff and then cover a few general health points as well.

Garlic boosts testosterone

When you’re determined to bulk up some solid muscle mass, working out like crazy in the gym some 3-4 times a week isn’t enough: you need the “building blocks” to actually build the muscles. In other words, you need a consistent high-protein diet as a basis for your eating regime. Of course, carbs and fats are also important, but you won’t ever build a single gram of muscle without eating around 2.5 to 3 g of proteins per kg of body weight. (Or even more than that.)

Now here’s the trick: there is evidence that garlic boosts testosterone when combined with a high-protein diet. Human studies are still to be conducted, but the animal data (trials on rats) is quite encouraging. The only problem is that, most likely, you’d have to eat about 8 g of garlic per kg of body weight and that’s… A whole goddamn pile of freaking garlic. Daily.

We men really love garlic but that’s a bit too intense even for us. Most likely, the way to go is through taking garlic extracts and supplements, but the dosage is still to be pinpointed.

Garlic causes a 100 to 200% boost in nitric oxide

If you haven’t yet heard about nitric oxide (NO), here’s the tasty stuff in a few sentences: NO is a universal vasodilator and neurotransmitter in the human body, meaning that it relaxes and dilates your blood vessels plus takes part in nerve signal transmission.

The main reason why should you care about this in the first place is that nitric oxide synthesis and action is one of the main mechanisms behind erectile function. In other words, the more nitric oxide you have, the stronger and more durable your boners will be. Now show me a man that wouldn’t like that in his life.

And here’s the kick: a human study conducted back in 2006 by the Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Albany (NY, USA) revealed that taking just 2.5 g of garlic per day can result in a twofold (100%) boost in nitric oxide. Moreover, when garlic was paired with daily vitamin C (in a dose of 2.0 g per day), the elevation in NO levels was even greater: whopping 200%! If THAT’S not some stupendous effect, I frankly don’t know what is.

What’s even more interesting is that this effect was enough to lower marginally high blood pressure in the study’s subjects without any conventional medications whatsoever. Yay!

Garlic has powerful antimicrobial properties

If you want to stick to a healthy workout (and recovery) routine, staying clear of ANY kind of infections is an absolute must. Catching even a common cold could result in you being out of the game for a whole week, thus seriously compromising your muscle-building and testosterone-boosting efforts.

The solution is simple: eat a bit of garlic every day! There are hundreds of studies confirming this delicious food has insane antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and even antifungal activity against a wide range of germs. Even such terrifying bugs like the dreaded MRSA, which is hard to kill even with conventional antibiotics.

This health benefit is based on the action of allicin, a natural thiosulphinate compound that’s synthesized in the plant when the bulbs are crushed. You see, garlic contains a sulfoxide known as aliin – a simple derivative of cysteine. It’s not active or anything, but when the garlic cloves are crushed, a powerful enzyme is released (aliinase) that converts aliin into allicin. This is the substance responsible for garlic’s powerful aroma, taste, and antimicrobialproperties.

Garlic helps to control blood glucose and cholesterol

A lot of studies have been conducted to check whether garlic is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes mellitus or metabolic syndrome, and virtually all of them show promising results.

For example, a 2011 study highlighted that garlic supplementation significantly boosted the effectiveness of conventional hypoglycemic (sugar-lowering) medications and drastically improved diabetes mellitus control. The same study showed that taking garlic was a huge help in controlling blood lipid levels, namely total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (the so-called “bad cholesterol”).

To summarize, garlic could help you to prevent (or slow down) the development of arterial plaque by controlling blood cholesterol, fighting back one of the greatest risk factors for heart disease.

A valid alternative

I started this article with the phrase “if you are a man, most likely you love garlic.”

“Most likely” doesn’t make it a 100% solid fact, does it? There is a whole lot of men that don’t like the taste of garlic or wouldn’t take it daily fearing the smell that may come hand in hand with it.

No worries: we’ve got you covered. Garlic isn’t the only natural way to safely boost your testosterone: there are dozens of scientifically confirmed ingredients that do a fabulous job in keeping any man’s T levels healthy and soaring regardless of age or dietary preferences.

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