An all-in-one guide to the career aspects of being a veterinary doctor

The common notion among pet owners regarding vets is that they offer services in the animal care and work in an animal clinic or hospital. This is simply one side of the coin as the department of veterinary care is broad just like any other medical field and varies according to the duties of veterinarians. The job of a veterinarian or vet is to care for the animals and help in improving their health. Their practice is similar to a typical medical professional; even they have to run tests, offer treatments, and conduct research on the different health conditions of livestock, pets, and other animals.

What Are the Duties that a Typical Vet Doctor Has to Pursue?

Their daily job includes analyzing the condition of animals and run diagnosis for checking their health issues. Apart from that, they also provide treatment to the medical condition of animals and dress the injuries caused. The main role of a vet who is associated with a daycare center is to provide vaccination against specific diseases to the pets. In case the pet requires a standard treatment, vets might have to perform a surgery.

Another reason that makes the job of a vet similar to those of other doctors is that they have to prescribe medicines, and enlighten and suggest pet owners about their pet’s condition, and the required treatment.

Types of Veterinary Jobs

Owing to the duties of a vet, the career in the animal care field is lucrative and has a lot of job opportunities for veterinary doctors. Here are some of them:

  • General Animal Clinic or Hospital: These are the most common type of vets that you can generally find in your neighboring hospital and clinic that offers services in animal care and treatment. You can take your pet for a routine checkup in the clinic and the pet doctor or vet will diagnose his or her condition and offer the required treatment. However, these clinics are not only limited to dogs or cats but are also open to all kind of pet animals.
  • Feline Veterinarian: Vets working in this field offer treatment and care exclusively to cats only. They do not see any other animals in their pet clinic. Their services are quite appreciated by cat lovers who are very particular about their cats.
  • Exotic Pet Care Vet: Vets who provide treatment and health care to animals aside normal pets fall under this category. They are known for their services to zoo animals and also look after the medical condition of circus animals. But, their main expertise is in caring for unusual house pets such as monkeys, snakes, and lizards.
  • Wildlife Vet: These are vets who possess great knowledge in many diverse subjects and work in habitat preservation and extinction control. They are mostly wildlife doctors and their career is mostly related to research on animal reproduction, behavior, and animal control.


Thanks to the extensive career opportunities, life as a vet doctor is quite exciting. From working with a daycare center to practicing in an animal hospital, there is a wide range of opportunities in the veterinary field.

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