Ministry of Health readies for adverse weather

Press Release:-  The Ministry of Health recently convened a meeting to formulate plans for the 2018 hurricane season, commencing June 1 to Nov. 30, in a deliberate attempt to identify potential gaps in the services provided during and after hurricanes.

Quoting Colorado State University, the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is anticipated to be normal to slightly above normal compared to average predictions, with approximately 14 named storms, out of which seven will become hurricanes, and three, major hurricanes.

With this outlook, Health Disaster Coordinator Dr. Glensford Joseph, cautions citizens to be prepared to mitigate the impact of the hurricane season on our health, social wellbeing and economic status.

“The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season had a severe impact on many countries,” Dr. Joseph said. “We must ensure that we do not let our guard down. It takes one major hurricane to have a significant impact. We’re taking every measure to ensure that we are adequately prepared to respond efficiently and effectively to any potential storm or hurricane that we may face. It means that all the agencies within the Ministry of Health, sectors external to the Ministry of Health, government and private sectors have to work in close collaboration to ensure that we prepare adequately to endure any unexpected storm.”

The Ministry of Health urges all individuals to carefully plan and prepare for the 2018 hurricane season. The hurricane preparedness meeting was held on May 10.