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Early morning shoppers were sent scurrying for cover Friday as two cutlass wielding youths attacked a man and his girlfriend in Massy Stores Supermarket at La Clery, eyewitnesses have reported.

The supermarket has since been closed and staff sent home.

St Lucia Times was informed that the incident took place after 9:00 AM.

It is reported that the attack was the latest in a long-running feud between two groups of people.

“Today was the latest episode – stay tuned for the next one, because that ain’t finish yet,” one observer told St Lucia Times.

According to information, during the attack, the man sustained what appeared to be a minor cut, while the hand of his girlfriend was almost severed.

“The place inside was full of blood,” one eyewitness told St Lucia Times.

The injured were taken to hospital via ambulance.

Police are investigating the matter.

More details later.


  1. Does Massy Stores not have armed security officers who could intervene to stop the bloodshed? Are the security guards only there to protect the groceries?

    • What you type there? You watching too much Trump and tv. These men and women are not law enforcers!

  2. Hurray we are safe! Kenny could not do it but I will said chastanet. He is doing it well now.

  3. Ignorant comment Mateo. I hope you don’t speak on the other side of your mouth when something happens to you. You have not even said you hoped that the girl will be ok SMH everything is politics

    • It’s not an Ignorant comment.. y’all have to realize the freaking “leaders” not doing anything about crime. No preventative methods going into place. Mate just traveling with tax payers money and everyday people suffering, crime taking over..

      • Who the hell can.? Nobody can. With all these children making children well need guidance and taught the difference between wrong and right. Politics just take over everything. Nothing can happen without someone mentioning politics. It’s just sad the era we live in.

      • I concur with your statements, Tin. Additionally, we have to cast some of the blame on the people. The usually loud, loquacious pastors are conspicuously silent, they should be leading vociferous marches throughout Castries. The business people totally mum, they should close down their businesses in protest. The teachers, nurses, doctors, public servants en masse should take off a day and take to the streets to demonstrate and send a strong and unequivocal message that enough is enough. Then and only then the do-nothing government will get the unmistakable message that they need to get up off their derriere and do more to curb these demon-like occurrences.

  4. So where were the armed security officers from Massy Stores? Are they only on duty to protect groceries?

  5. Crime affects everybody and it will take the collective efforts of all for the citizens to get a reprieve from this daily crime wave. Having said that, the government must show leadership on this most worrisome issue. Where are the new initiatives to fight this scourge? With the unceasing fatal stabbings and shootings, and the constant bloodshed, the PM and his National Security Minister are shamelessly silent. I have been urging influential persons and organizations to speak vociferously on the escalating deadly confrontations and gunplay in the country, the clergy, the business sector and civic groups but to no avail. Some radical changes are needed to make the city and the country in general safe again. Let me remind everyone, the government’s #1 PRIORITY is to keep its citizens SAFE. So Tourism, Agriculture, Infrastructure and even Healthcare should take a backseat to preventing and solving crime.

  6. The people of St. Lucia must take back ST. LUCIA
    Introduce the ACEPHALOUS System
    Google the word ACEPHALOUS if you not sure what I am talking about.
    The people of the Caribbean must take their countries back or take their countries up. Too much mendicancy and too many Politicians feeling that they are Lords and Gods over the people and not servants of the people

  7. Politicians just need to be more real with the people, Chastanet knew dame well that he couldn’t do anything about the crime problem, why make it a subject for elections. He knew dame well how passionate St. Lucians are about the crime problem so he use it. That’s how these politicians treat us, i don’t trust none of them. This country needs Jesus,

  8. Folk need to be educated and taught respect and problem solving skills. Let the first start for discipline begin in the home. When an individual is uneducated, ignorant etc etc there is nothing the government can do. Let’s be real this is really out of hand vigilant behavior which must be addressed sooner than later.

  9. Security allowed two men with machetes that are uncovered to enter an walk through the suppermarket ? I thought security was to protect property an personell? . If the secueity was doing they job these guys would not have made it through the door with machetes , even not know who they after .

  10. Keiran you get chip up boy I hope you learn a lesson there is always someone badder than you!

  11. Clean up Last Clery
    Knock down the cdc area and transfer the people in another area where they could grow food to sell and provide for their family. Build a polyclinic, small police station and after school institute. LaClery is a lovely place , why spoil it with crime. Every supermarket, banks etc should have a sensor to pick up weapons etc.

    • How about a government that is proactive when it comes to crime and does not just scream from the ceilings how it is going to stop crime and then do nothing about it???

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