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Bus drivers have expressed concern over an upsurge in attacks on citizens who venture near the Soufriere bus stand on Carl Crescent Street in Castries during the late afternoon.

The drivers have told St Lucia Times that  the presence of the City Police has been a deterrent in some instances, but when the officers are not in evidence, the attacks continue.

One driver explained that the City Police have erected a gate in an alleyway into which young muggers would run to escape after snatching valuables from unwary passersby, to block that escape route, to no avail.

A spokesperson for the Soufriere Mini Bus Drivers Association told St Lucia Times that in response to the attacks, drivers have considered reducing their operating hours.

But he said they are concerned about how that would affect their livelihood and the relationship with commuters.

According to information, most muggings occur on Friday after the afternoon rush hour.

It was explained that Friday afternoon  is the busiest time for the Soufriere buses, since persons who live in Soufriere and stay in Castries during the week,  choose that time to return home for the weekend.

One driver told St Lucia Times that young criminals would  monitor passengers, wait until a bus is leaving and grab bags and other valuables through the bus window, usually targetting the person sitting in the last row of seats.

In one of the more recent incidents, a young man was attacked on Friday about 8:30 PM by four young hoodlums who assaulted him and escaped with his mobile telephone.

The young man, who happened to be walking in the area, sustained minor injuries.





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