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Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has expressed the hope that a trade dispute between the United States and the Canada could be resolved as quickly as possible.

According to Chastanet, it was a very difficult weekend.

“We went from one extreme of the G7 to  the meeting in Singapore with North Korea and the United States of America. and I am certainly hopeful that whatever disputes the US has with major people like the Europeans and the Canadians can get resolved  as quickly as possible,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister said in response to a question posed by a reporter Tuesday.

“I for one don’t like to see that kind of dialogue taking place at that level,” Chastanet explained.

With regard to the historic meeting in Singapore between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, the PM said everyone is ‘extremely hopeful’ and wishing Trump ‘all the luck in terms of getting this thing resolved.’

“I think everybody appreciates bringing down that level of tension. But we have a long way still to go and also meanwhile, we have a long way to go in getting the US comfortable with the current trade situation. I am really hopeful that this can be done as quickly as possible and I certainly would like to see our major borders, Mexico, the United States and Canada in particular, resolving their issues.”

According to Chastanet, he does not want to see anything undermining the economic growth being seen in those markets.




  1. Allen before you made your careless statement did you consult any of the technocrats in foreign ministry ????? Allen i want you to now you can not eat your cake and have at the same time !!!!!!!! For the ones that will try to critic my statement, please go do a like research on International protocol and relationship…. Thank you

    • You know nothing about international protocol and relationships as government heads comment on issues between others all the time. This was a very sensible and appropriate comment made by Chastanet.

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