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Local Government and Culture Minister, Senator Fortuna Belrose, has criticised a reported $EC 500 fine meted out to a French national, who was charged in connection with a bomb hoax  on Saturday at the George F.L Charles Airport at Vigie.

Belrose said the penalty should have been ‘harsher’.

“I think the fine was too lenient, to be honest with you,” the minister told reporters Tuesday as she arrived for a sitting of the Senate.

“I know for sure, as somebody who has travelled across the globe, you just mention ‘bomb’ in any one of the airports or any place around the world and chances are that you will be taken off for a long time. I guess our authorities are lenient,” Belrose remarked.

She observed that as a citizen who understands the implications of bomb threats, the penalty for the offence could have been a lot harsher.

“That is my view and I maintain that,” Belrose declared.

According to a police report,  on Saturday, June 9, 2018, about 8:30 a.m., officers proceeded to the George F.L. Charles Airport, in Vigie, for investigation into a possible explosive at the facility following allegations made by two French Nationals.

The police release said airport operations were suspended and a thorough search of the facility was conducted with no  explosive device being retrieved.

The two French nationals were detained, and Philippe Gaston Grandejean was charged for the offence of “Bombs, hoaxes, sending messages or articles to alarm or injure other persons” contrary to Section 362 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia.

According to news reports, he was fined $EC 500.

His female companion was released from custody pending further investigations, the police said.


  1. Hummm, I guess urinating in public in castries is taken more serious than a bomb threat cuz last
    i heard a guy was charged $1000.00

  2. Whereas I agree with Minister’s opinion which is similar to another such statement by Minister Francis, both ministers are very much aware that such utterances are merely “dog whistles” to energize their supporters. Why??


    Ask them..”Where is this administration’s legislative agenda for the protection of State and Citizen?”

  3. I agree 500 dollars is not enough!!! If it was a St .Lucian who did that at any other airport the penalties would have been worse

  4. Seat belt or Parking Ticket is $500 but to bring out a Bomb Squad to search an Airport is a slap on the wrist and. $500 charge…….nous fini

  5. Were any of you present at the Court hearing to hear the case for the defence. If not your comments are irrelevant. The penalty imposed is what is stipulated by law. Your argument should be to amend the law and to meet international standards.

  6. These people do not know what they are doing but if it was a st Lucian they would condemn him or her to hang.

  7. I am not Surprise I thought the Magestrate would CRD Him .If wss a St.Lucian who had make these threats in Martinique He would be Sentenced straight to Prison .But sweet St.Lucia $500.00 That Magestrate should be investigqted and Fired .

  8. $500 ? Wow sweet st lucia where the French can shove garbage down our throats we are supposed to say thank you. The French has no mercy for lucians but the Lucian law charges $500. for a bomb threat wow . So French nationals are valued more in our country.

  9. Whilst I agree with the minister , I’ll ask her , ” where are laws enacted , passed , etc in the house , who are the people who propose same is it not them.? SMH Ms Belrose that’s y’all job do it…stop fronting , if its wrong amend it or shut up …

  10. If you find that the fine was too casual, then file an appeal, and see how it goes! or accept the judgement and keep quiet!

  11. I remember a similar case a few years ago while I worked at the airport. There was this Spanish woman with a an alarm clock in her bag ticking. Security asked what was in there she said a bomb jokingly. She was sentenced to 3 months or 6 months in jail. So as it is a French national we have mercy? Big joke. You know how much it cost the country that day that threat was made? Much more than 500….

  12. The difference with our laws and the laws of other countries is that our laws have not been ammended for decades hence why the fine was so low. Its actually not the fault of the magestrate at all. At least the Minister is now in a position to urge her Government to ammend the laws and make them more stringent.

  13. For illegal dumping of garbage is $5000 ec but a foreigner who makes a bomb threat its $500 this doesnt make any sense. Smdh

  14. I totally agree with the minister. I think the fine should have been much higher and some jail time should also have been passed down. Consider the stress experienced by staff and passengers as well as man hours taken to search and delays in schedules and this person walked away with a $500 ec fine, really!!!!

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