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Health Minister, Mary Isaac, has asserted that violent crime is putting a lot of stress on hospitals, doctors and nurses, who are already burdened with taking care of patients who on a daily basis require medical attention.

“When you have these types of incidents, you also have to look at security for these people who are working in the health care sector  and that alone has a negative impact on them, their environment and the work that they have to do – having people who have been involved in crime in the hospital wards,” Isaac explained.

“That is very, very stressful for them.”

Isaac observed that lately, more and more young people are becoming involved in shootings and other violent crimes.

“I know that one of the promises that I made during my campaign was that  if I had won, I would have gone through the constituency and pick up the guns – house by house, by house. But right now, it is not everybody who would want to do something like that,” Senator Isaac told reporters.

She noted that the current administration intends to continue to create employment so that young people can become engaged.

“I believe that this is one of the ways that we can help to alleviate the stress and the pressure that a lot of these young people are under.”

Isaac spoke against the backdrop of a recent spike in violent crime, including an afternoon rush hour shooting on Peynier Street, Castries, that left one man dead and four others, including a Primary School student, injured.

The child, according to reports, is still hospitalised.



  1. what stress, that is what they’re trained for ….concentrate on the law enforcement having ” ALL” necessary tools and equipment and proper training .. weed out the corrupt cops …stop promoting cops on who knows who etc….secondly make parent accountable…. oh sadly Mary & company you may increase employment BUT you’ll still have crime . majority of criminals are just sick individuals who will never change ..have programs in schools where the young kids are spoken too about the ills of the fast life and easy money etc… find away to identify the the trouble kids etc…i can go on…then again what do i know ??

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