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Press Release:-  Dr Cathy James-Springer, from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, spoke recently on the transition of the SALCC into a university college.

She stated that because higher education is a necessity throughout the world, Saint Lucia must offer its students an opportunity to achieve on the same level as their international counterparts.

“Many of our students migrate to attend universities throughout the world. We want to provide something that allows our students a reasonable tuition to get a higher education. Higher education is almost a requirement now, within the world, and so, Sir Arthur’s transition from a community college to a university college will empower our population by providing them access to a higher education.”

Dr James-Springer detailed the transition process.

“As part of the transformation process, several teams have been established, and these teams are assessing many aspects of the college including policy, the structure of the college, and the physical layout, among other things.”

The college is also consulting with stakeholders and members of the public, and holds internal consultations with its faculty and staff.